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Enhance Customer Relationship Management by Delivering an Optimal and Unrivaled Experience, Keeping Customers Informed and Engaged Across Every Touchpoint

IntelliShift’s Customer 360 solution helps improve customer engagement for your product and service delivery by connecting your telematics data with your customer service offeringWith our real-time location intelligence and configurable customer scheduling app, you will be able to personalize customer engagement to provide exceptional last-mile delivery service. Your customers will always be updated in real-time. 

Because IntelliShift is an integrated multi-use fleet management solution, connecting your product and service delivery data with our Route Optimization solution will allow you to stay ahead of any real-time changes. Add Fleet IQ into the mix and you will have the end-to-end insights needed to improve decision-making and affect results. 

Customer 360

Enhance customer relationships and the efficiency of your enterprise with a personalized customer experience and real-time location sharing 

Our customer scheduling app allows you to improve customer engagement with today’s technology by putting vital delivery and service information, real-time updates, and other last-mile delivery capabilities in your customer’s hands. 

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