Operations Intelligence & IoT Insights for Vehicle and Asset Management

Operations Intelligence Solutions

Leverage AI-powered business analytics to drive operational intelligence


Operations IQ

Turn Fragmented Data into Profitable Insights

This powerful analytics and data visualization tool allows you to gain a complete picture of your operations derived from telematics, fuel, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service, video telematics, and more.

IntelliShift Connect API

Fully Supported Third-Party Software Integration 

Our API and flexible data consumption options provide the freedom to leverage IoT telematics data across multiple existing systems to support 360-degree operational visibility and insights. 

Fleet IQ

The Difference Between Fleet Reporting and Business Intelligence

Gain the end-to-end insights needed to improve decision-making for your fleet and telematics-based operations. We work with you to configure real-time dashboards that align with your fleet and mobile business goals. 

Seamless Operations Intelligence and Embedded Analytics Drive Business Success

Organizations that understand the business value in connecting critical operations and multi-use fleet management data leverage IntelliShift’s powerful business intelligence capabilities to successfully align and execute on their business roadmap and KPIs.  

Less than 50% of IoT data collected gets used for decision making.

Having access to enough raw business and operations data is not the problem – having the proper tools to connect, analyze, and extrapolate actionable conclusions is. Companies that find the right solution could see their operating margins increase by up to 60%. 

IntelliShift not only seamlessly connects your existing data and systems but also provides the IoT analytics tools to uncover critical insights that help optimize business operations and drive reasoned decision making. 

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Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence


Route Management



Fuel Management

Customer 360

The Keys to Data-Driven Fleet Operations

Learn how to improve visibility and decision-making across your fleet.

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