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IntelliShift Team

Rob Winthrop is IntelliShift’s VP of Project Management. He leads our Onboarding team and works closely with our Client Success team, discerning each new client’s goals at the outset of each new relationship to set them up for success. 

At IntelliShift, we define success in your terms, not our own. We understand that each business is unique, even within the same industry. You have your own organizational processes, structure, and goals. 

Understanding ahead of time how a client’s goals impact their business helps our team set them up for success well into the future.


As such, we begin each new client relationship with a customized 90-day onboarding process, taking into account the client’s specific success criteria. Together we identify SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) that define what success looks like to them 

Because we don’t provide an out-of-the-box solution but instead configure our platform solution to each client’s needs, we are able to successfully partner with clients across industries. Below are a few examples of how we have configured a solution to clients in different industries. 

Helping Field Service Clients Maximize Asset Utilization 

We work with a number of field service clients to tailor a unified solution that helps them better utilize their assets and serve their customers more efficiently. As with a lot of our clients, field service clients need to know where their assets are located at any time in order to respond to customer needs in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.  

For a large powersweeping client with more than 1,000 employees and the lion’s share of the U.S. market for street cleaning, our team focused on helping them better manage their diverse set of 1,600 assets, ranging from Bobcats to light-duty pick-ups , street sweepers, and other industrial-level cleaning assets and vehicles. They wanted a holistic view of their assets: where are they at any given moment and how they are working as a whole.   

One new idea we implemented together during onboarding was to use route playback – which details the route taken, at what speed, and the time of day – and attach a screenshot to invoices. That way their customers will see the vehicle at the location at the service time and be confident that the service they procured was completed.  

Another client is a leading emergency environmental services clean-up provider. They needed a comprehensive view of their operations in order to best respond to emergency situations. Success for them meant being able to respond to a customer as fast as possible, safely, with the right assets and operators 

With IntelliShift they gained a single view of their assets and workforce. They also used our safety and compliance solutions to increase safety, including being set up to quickly respond to the Covid-19 pandemic by putting the proper safety measures in place immediately. 

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Helping Industrial Construction Clients Promote Safety & Compliance  

The Onboarding team worked alongside a global provider of specialty services for commercial and industrial construction to implement a scalable safety and risk program for 3,000 workers who provide daily fireproofing and insulation installation services.  

To promote the company’s safety standards, our team configured a solution to set up site-specific speeding thresholds and protocols that ensure the field team wears seatbelts and adheres to other safety protocols.  

With operator safety management and driver scorecards, they set up driver safety reward programs to incentivize safe behavior and create healthy competition among the team.   

The company also gained a clear understanding of its idling costs. They were able to implement policies to minimize excessive idling to better support environmental policies and save money.  

Since implementing IntelliShift, the company has streamlined operations and is able to encourage driver behaviors that prevent accidents and reduce resource waste. In addition, the company more effectively manages assets, improves the safety of their workforce at hazardous job sites, and can easily demonstrate compliance with local and state laws.  

Helping Food & Beverage Clients with Proactive Maintenance to Reduce Downtime 

A large, multi-national food & beverage company recently came to us looking to better manage the maintenance costs associated with over 5,200 vehicles and assets.  They looked to set up an intelligent maintenance strategy to not only ensure more timely oil changes, tire rotation, and engine diagnostics, but to provide the maintenance team with the full picture of each vehicle at all times. This means that if a pre- or post-trip inspection failed and required maintenance, the team could also take care of any upcoming maintenance needs in order to minimize out-of-service assets and maximize productivity.   

With their goals in mind, we partnered with them to configure a solution that included enabling automated reminders for upcoming services and monitoring equipment wear-and-tear alongside driver behavior in order to reduce costs. After two weeks, the company calculated a savings of $8,000 on just three vehicles.  

Now our client has a more manageable proactive maintenance strategy that includes accurate historical records to understand how they are trending over time as well as to predict asset lifecycle 

 Switching solution providers can be daunting but choosing the provider that can address your long-term business needs now is worth the switch. Talk to an IntelliShift Connected Operations Solutions Expert today. 

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