A Holistic Vehicle and Asset Operations Intelligence Solution for Field Service Operations

A unified data-driven, connected vehicle and asset solution increases insight into your total operations.

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Improve your Customer Experience Model While Efficiently Managing Your Connected Vehicle, Asset, and Mobile Workforce Processes

Managing a Field Services operation is complex. There are many moving parts, from scheduling the service call to dispatching an agent or service team and everything in between. You need a connected system that provides end-to-end visibility to effectively manage the coordination of vehicles, assets, and employees, all while attending to customer needs better than you had in the past.

IntelliShift is a comprehensive solution that unifies your people, processes, and telematics data with back-office systems like your CRM, to deliver real-time insights so you can make data-driven business decisions that result in you doing more, faster and better.

With IntelliShift, you’ll couple high-level analytics and operation trending data with the day-to-day operation insights necessary to effectively exceed customer expectations, in a fiscally sound manner.

A Connected Solution to Increase Operations Efficiency and Boost Customer Satisfaction

Map Data for Business Trend Analysis – Look at your traditional telematics data in a revolutionary way.

Gain Complete Visibility – Know where vehicles, assets, drivers, and equipment are at any given time to enforce total operations efficiency. Maintain historical data and trends to comply with regulations and see operations improvements over time.

Improve the Customer Experience – Increase customer satisfaction by putting ETA, scheduling, and agent information directly into customers’ hands.

Refine Driver and Company Safety – Monitor driver behavior and offer safety programs, including implementing connected Driver Scorecards, ELD, digital inspections, and maintenance to reduce risks overall.

Fuel Spend Management – Gain visibility into fuel usage, fuel spend accuracy,  and driver behaviors.

Optimize Dispatch and Routing – Verify the availability and location of your field service teams and dispatch them quickly with confidence using the optimal routes, real-time traffic data, and historical operational metrics.

Extend the Life of Your Fleet – Connect your maintenance to processes such as pre-trip and post-trip inspections and set reminders to automatically perform preventative maintenance to minimize fleet and asset downtime.

Reduce IT Spend – Eliminate redundant technologies by integrating telematics, asset tracking, compliance, safety, maintenance, and more with IntelliShift’s total solution.

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IntelliShift is a Total Solution to Manage your Field Service Fleet, Assets, and Equipment

IntelliShift is an innovative solution that addresses the inadequacies of traditional out-of-the-box telematics solutions. Our next-generation operations intelligence platform is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our award-winning customer support and account team partners with you to ensure business success.

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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