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Wise Systems

Wise Systems streamlines delivery operations, enabling the perfect delivery experience for everyone — delivery recipients, drivers, dispatchers, and managers. The Wise Systems platform combines our powerful, AI-driven Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE) with intuitive user experiences, resulting in a high-performance operation that delights your customers.

What does our integration do?

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For operations teams that need to make data-driven decisions, Wise Systems is a delivery optimization platform that empowers drivers to deliver great customer experiences by streamlining last-mile delivery operations.

  • Simple and intuitive UI makes Wise Systems easy to use and east to learn, narrowing the change management gap with flexible solutions for your team
  • Their delivery optimization platform can integrate with existing hardware
  • They are the only route optimization platform that provides the option to leverage fully autonomous routing, in addition to real-time, data-driven autonomous route adjustments to dispatched routes.


IntelliShift integrates with Wise Systems to send accurate vehicle location and performance data, helping mutual customers provide more accurate and reliable routing and ETAs.

How do I enable this integration?

To learn more about the partnership, reach out to our sales team using the link below.

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