The Keys to Driving Organizational Data-Driven Fleet Operations


Are you having difficulty getting visibility into key operational processes and data that affect not only your day-to-day but also your long-term strategy? Imagine having one technology platform that connects your business operations across verticals – a central hub that collects and interprets, reliable, real-time data, presenting visibility and key metrics without tedious manual effort 

Common Challenge Across Industries and Departments 

The challenge to get total visibility often comes in similar forms for mobile operations regardless of industry, especially larger organizations operating at scale. The most common problem areas that these issues shine through are in IT, safety and fleet operations, with each function bringing its own host of challenges.  

Connecting Your Operations

IT: Teams are crying out for a single, secure solution that unifies their data, people, and processes. But the current state consists of one where organizations are purchasing upwards of 150 different technology solutions that don’t all work togethermay have redundant capabilities and that do little to promote efficiency and data-driven insights. As you acquire new data every day, the ability to leverage the data becomes complex. A platform that connects your operations can help limit the complexities and deliver the business results executives seek. 

Safety: Safety is integral to company success. If a company isn’t operating safety, it puts their drivers, business and public at risk. Risks comes from several angles because there are many factors outside of just driver behavior or compliance regulations that can impact safetyCompanies who are able to implement and manage a holistic safety program within a single platform will be able to do their part to promote safety. 

Fleet Operations: Fleet Managers need to be able to strategically determine how well their operations are running and be able to address mishaps in day-to-day operations in an informed wayAnd when issues arise – and they will – making decisions without real-time info can cause further inefficiencies and added time and financial costs. 

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Modern Solution is the Answer 

A modern connected vehicle and asset operations platform will be able to unify the assets, data, people and processes within one platform to help companies gain a comprehensive view of health, profitability and productivity.  

Nextgeneration technology offers 360-degree business connectivity, end-to-end operational visibility, improved customer experience and is configurable to your processes and KPIs. The result: continued process efficiency, business intelligence tailored to your operations and the ability to scale as your company grows and the industry advances. 

A modern solution should offer multi-dimensional data visualization tools and dashboards. With these deeper insights, your team will be able to quickly glean accurate and useful business intel without specialized program knowledge. This means you’ll be able to make more data-driven decisions, with the confidence afforded by a solution you can trust. 

Fleet IQ

This is the baseline for a modern solution. The industry is changing rapidly and poised to grow tremendously over the next decade. For leaders looking to get ahead of the curve in increasing bottom-line value from their vehicles and assets, having a modern connected field and asset operations solution at their disposal is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must. 

An Ever-Evolving Industry 

  • AI video telematics is poised to become the norm with predictive analytics to increase driver safety and compliance. 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining greater adoption. This means faster, more reliable insights that learn and adapt as the business grows. 
  • Tools will become more natively integrated and easier to use. Users will likely no longer need to be as specialized to operate these solutions. 

How a Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations Solution Gave a Much-Needed Boost to One Company’s Delivery and Service Operations 

When it comes to leading the operational capabilities Liberty Coca-Cola‘s Logistics Services Manager, Gary, is a team of one. Without the right technology, his job would be exceedingly tricky.   

Gary works directly with fleet supervisors to help make their lives better by automating processes that reduce paperwork and increase productivity. Some of the key metrics he watches includes delivery time, vehicle diagnostics to hedge maintenance issues, and delivering timely notifications to fleet managers to keep their operations running seamlessly. 

For Gary, prior solutions were unreliable, non-configurable and not intuitive enough to drive user adoption around his company.  

IntelliShift checked off the right boxes that other vendors could not. 

“The team that I’ve worked with at IntelliShift has been fantastic,” says Gary, adding that, from an administrative capacity, “when I was setting up an additional user, IntelliShift was insanely simple to use. I couldn’t even do this with our previous vendor.” 

Fleet leaders looking for a modern solution must consider their future needs now. In an industry that’s expected to both grow and change rapidly, managers must choose a solution that’s built to scale, future-forward, and ready to handle and adapt to impending industry evolutions. 

Get the Guide: See what an integrated safety program looks like, a checklist for finding a modern solution and real-life business results. 

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