Introducing AI Video

Integrating video telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

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Benefits of AI Video

AI Video is powered by machine learning and predictive analytics to drive proactive safety management

IntelliShift AI Video is proactive in-cab video solution, delivering a best-in-class company-wide safety experience.  It allows fleet and operations managers to provide ongoing coaching to operators and ultimately prevent accidents and ensure accuracy and fairness in the determination of accident liability.

Improve driving behavior and save lives

Help operators adopt your internal safety standards and practice safe driving by providing proactive alerts, driver scorecards, audible and visual in-cab coaching.

Prevent accidents

Detect a broader range of accident-prone behaviors, providing real-time alerts to operatorduring high-risk moments.

Reduce settlement costs

Protect your operators and business against false claims with easy access to the 360-degree video footage encompassing all safety incidents.

Video Overview

Introducing AI Video

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AI Video Capabilities

Distracted driving detection

Send real-time alerts when harder-to-detect distracted driving behavior occurs such as phone use, smoking and driver fatigue.


Accident prevention

Heads-up display (HUD) plus forward collision, lane departure, and following distance warnings help prevent accidents.


360-degree video

Auto and on-demand upload of video clips recorded by driver-facing and road-facing cameras enables efficient and effective risk analysis and driver coaching.

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AI Video can be used as part of a holistic safety program alongside other IntelliShift apps:

Operator Safety Management

Reduce accidents, injury, and liability with an innovative driving-behavior management solution.

Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service makes it easy to monitor and schedule oil changes inspections, registrations, and other routine maintenance needed to keep your assets running smoothly.

Silent Passenger Telematics

A modular solution that transforms enterprise fleet management and operations data into business intelligence for smarter decision making.

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