Silent Passenger Telematics

The most reliable fleet tracking and vehicle data for better operational decision making.

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Everything you need to optimize your fleet in one platform

Silent Passenger Telematics provides the status, performance data and whereabouts of your vehicles so you can maintain a more productive operation.

Telematics Platform Solution Full

AI Video Dash Cams + Telematics

Combine the Best of Telematics with AI Video Safety in One Solution

Streamline your technology with the smart solution for all-in-one Telematics + AI Video Safety: Protect and coach your drivers with HD video, AI and proactive incident detection.

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Holistic Fleet Telematics

Our end-to-end solutions integrate vehicle, equipment, and asset data along with key data from your other systems across your organization.

Silent Passenger Telematics Features

See Everything with Best-in-Class GPS Tracking

Track every vehicle and asset in the field in real time. GPS tracking with flexible maps and multi-view technology allows you a complete up-to-the-minute view of your assets in the field. Geofencing and custom alerts provide more automated insights when you need them.

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Real-time Vehicle and Asset Data

Receive reliable data from any asset across your fleet, from vehicles and trailers to heavy equipment and generators. SP Telematics unifies all your fleet data in one easy-to-manage solution, including driver behavior, fuel usage and incident detection.

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Fleet Optimization Reporting

Operations IQ allows you to gain a complete picture of your operations derived from telematics, fuel, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service, video telematics, and more.

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Customer Experience at the Center

Use telematics data to find and dispatch the closest asset in the field. SP Telematics putvital delivery and service information, real-time updates, and other last-mile delivery capabilities in your customer’s hands.

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Learn how client-configured telematics solutions work together to align with your organizational roadmap and goals.

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Silent Passenger is powered by the Google Maps API:

  • Live traffic feeds
  • Real-time ETAs
  • iOS and Android compatibility

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