IntelliShift's Jobsite, Vehicle, and Asset Inspection Report App

Streamline safety and ensure inspection accountability in one easy-to-use app.

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Connect Compliance to Workforce Productivity   

IntelliShift Inspect, as part of our In The Field app available on iOS and Android, is a digital inspection report app that reduces time spent on inspection and increases compliance and employee productivity. Use the application to satisfy all your business protocols from your driver, vehicle, and asset inspection report needs to jobsites, equipment, and safety protocols. Digital checklists and forms can be tailored to address your specific needs as well as federal, state, and local compliance requirements.

Ensure operational compliance and safety within a single, integrated digital inspection app:

  • Configure electronic inspection report templates with single or multi-point checklists 
  • Create reports to meet DOT, OSHA, MSHA, FMCSA regulations for your multi-use fleet 
  • Build workflow requirements into your inspection reports to ensure proof of inspection 
  • Instantly view completed reports and real-time dashboards 
  • Instantly access historical inspection data  
  • Set up automated alerts for real-time notifications if an inspection fails
  • Use as a standalone app or as part of a total fleet and asset operations intelligence solution 
Configurable Digital Checklists Protect Your Workforce & Brand

Learn how Inspect helps to ensure operational compliance and safety within a single, integrated digital inspection application.

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Make Your Inspection Process Work in Your Favor

Minimize Business Risk

Maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations 

Instantly Address Safety Issues

Minimize downtime and cost by automating and integrating inspections with maintenance

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Get data-driven insights to increase workforce safety and cost savings 

Increase Safety and Compliance

Access reports that identify growth opportunities and highlight noncompliance

Reduce the Employee Burden

Digitize and streamline the inspection process

Use Inspect as a Standalone App or as Part of a Total Compliance Solution

Inspect is a core product of the IntelliShift Compliance solution. Combined with Logbook, our hours of service solution, you can create operational compliance and safety across the business. To fulfill regulations, streamline total compliance, and prevent unnecessary costs and productivity loss, implement Inspect and Logbook in conjunction with the Vehicle Service app.

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Learn how Inspect can reduce enterprise risk and increase employee productivity

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IntelliShift Inspect

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Logging Pre- & Post-Trip Inspections

Regulations like Federal Law 49 CFR 396.13 or Federal Law 49 CFR 396.11 are designed to keep companies, their workforce, and their assets safe while ensuring the delivery of goods and services. Yet, these same regulations increase burdens on employees in the field and the office by adding to time spent on administrative tasks. 

IntelliShift’s Inspect app can be used across the enterprise to speed up compliance with OSHA or DOT regulations while increasing employee productivity. In the field, operators can use the mobile app to quickly perform both a pre-trip inspection and post-trip inspection to fulfill the driver vehicle and asset inspection report requirements (an electronic DVIR form). Conversely, site managers can use the electronic inspection report templates to ensure workplace safety measures at jobsites or warehouse facilities by performing a job safety analysis to identify potential hazards. 

In-house safety and compliance directors can easily review data and reports to ensure that compliance and safety standards are continually met.