Introducing Operations IQ and AI Video: New, Advanced Tools to Intelligently Optimize Business Processes
Operations IQ and AI Video Product Announcement
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Do you rely on Excel spreadsheets and manual processes to connect and analyze your data? Looking for a more seamless method to monitor and influence your drivers’ behaviors? Do you need enhanced transparency to improve overall safety and provide next-level, profitable insights?

At IntelliShift, we’re committed to helping you set, measure and reach your company goals and KPIs, which is why we’re excited to announce two new solutions that enable you to do just that: Operations IQ and AI Video.

Today, too often, many organizations leave significant profits and improvement opportunities on the table because they do not have the proper support and tools in place to harness and make use of real-time, actionable data. With the integration of Operations IQ and AI Video within IntelliShift, that issue is a thing of the past. Being able to leverage deep insight and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve day-to-day decision making and implement proactive, risk management programs will take your company to new heights.

So, how do these solutions revolutionize operations at your company and drive up ROI?

Operations IQ

Operations IQ is a powerful analytics and visualization tool that redefines company operations from all levels. The only solution that allows you to create multi-dimensional reports and dashboards using your integrated operational data, Operations IQ takes your combined data within IntelliShift and allows you to analyze it from all angles and with any of your operational data sets for faster, advanced intelligence that provides meaningful insights and transforms business decisions entirely.

Instead of using antiquated, manual methods, such as Excel spreadsheets, or even single dimension tools that other solutions provide, Operations IQ automatically enables you to extract meaningful value from across your data sets. Eliminating siloed, stale and indecipherable information, the solution leverages all company data to provide deeper, more connected insights into your full end-to-end operations. This includes telematics, fuel usage and spend, driver ID, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service, AI video telematics and more.

Designed to help you create, measure and meet company goals, Operations IQ delivers unmatched value for your organization from the moment of implementation. Providing both true cross-functional visibility and the foundation for powerful insights, core benefits include:

  • Turning your fragmented data into profitable insights that help you optimize your operations and maximize your ROI
  • Identifying trends to uncover opportunities for improvement at every level, including productivity, safety, accountability and profit
  • Connecting your operations to your top-level metrics and reducing time on consolidated reporting

AI Video

We have also developed AI Video, an AI-based predictive analytics solution that helps you run a truly holistic safety program across your entire organization to not only protect your drivers and assets but also your overall brand. As the winter months approach, bringing more severe driving conditions, and as the number of vehicle, asset, and equipment accidents continues to rise, we understand how important it is to leverage new technology to ensure the proper safeguards are in place to influence driver behaviors, while also providing protection against fraudulent clams and frivolous lawsuits.

While typical video telematics solutions are limited in their abilities by simply capturing video footage, AI Video leverages AI, G-force sensors and 360-degree video, to provide a real-time view of all unsafe events and behaviors to provide actionable alerts before an event occurs as well as deeper insights into safety risks and events. With an integrated Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) solution, AI Video will provide fleet and operations managers the ability to identify the severity of events, coach drivers on exceptions in real time and improve overall safety metrics across your organization. In addition, when combined with IntelliShift’s Operator Safety solution, key decision makers can see daily, weekly and monthly views of behavior-based driver scorecards and trends, helping to facilitate ongoing coaching, and ultimately, reduce accident and settlement costs, as well as ensure accurate and fair accident liability decisions.

AI Video will instantly deliver next-level benefits to your organization, including:

  • Improving driver behavior to save lives, limit liability exposure and reduce accident costs
  • Preventing accidents using advanced camera technology and real-time alerts
  • Reducing settlement costs by ensuring accuracy and fairness in post-accident fault determination
Want to learn more about taking your operational insights to a new level with IntelliShift? Speak to a Solutions Expert at a time that works best for you.
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