Operations IQ

Uncover the hidden value of your data to help automate siloed processes and reveal profit centers.

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Benefits of Operations IQ

Gain visibility into your KPIs by unifying siloed data and applying business analytics to drive informed decisions.

This powerful analytics and data visualization tool allows you to gaincomplete picture of your operations derived from your combined data including telematics, fuel, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service, video telematics, and more.

Turn fragmented data into profitable insights

With Operations IQ, all your data is in one place, providing both true cross-functional visibility and the foundation for powerful insights. This allows you to understand correlated aspects of your operations and take action to improve and automate information for faster time to value.

Uncover opportunities for improvement at every level

Analyze your data from every angle and viewpoint to uncover new insights and trends to increase productivity, safety and accountability.

Connect your operations to your top-level metrics

Configure on-demand reports and dashboards according to your operational goals and business metrics.

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Introducing Operations IQ


Operations IQ Capabilities

Multidimensional analysis

Analyze data from multiple data sets, and layer multiple dimensions in a single chart to expose previously unattainable insights in minutes.


Trending data visualization

Dynamically report on daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly trends for fluid decision-making.


Pooling data from different data sources

Telematics is just the start. Visualize data from fuel, safety, vehicle service, inspections, hours of service, and video telematics and more. Connect to 3rd-party sources of operational data to generate insights beyond the IntelliShift platform.

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Maximize the insights by connecting with the full suite of IntelliShift solutions.

Solutions Wheel New w/ Products

Silent Passenger Telematics

A modular solution that transforms enterprise fleet management and operations data into business intelligence for smarter decision making.

Asset Tracking

IntelliShift’s modular Asset Tracking solution reduces theft or the misuse of critical assets that are key to delivering on your business promise.

Fleet IQ

Create dashboards tailored to your fleet telematics goals that deliver actionable insights to leaders in real-time about your mobile workforce and fleet assets.

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Learn how Operations IQ can reduce enterprise risk and increase employee productivity.

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