Connected Operations Will Improve Your Business
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IntelliShift Team

Are your vehicle and assets connected to your operations? 

As the telematics industry evolvesthere has been a shift away from basic vehicle tracking to data collection and predictive analytics as a strategy to increase business momentum

Connected Operations Drives Business Success

Utilities, food & beverage, construction, field service, and more are realizing connected operations improve their business. 

By collecting data from vehicles, assets, mobile workforce, and back-office systems, you’ll net the insights to ensure your business is on track. It’s a smart way to operate.

Connecting the systems and processes that support your multi-purpose fleet gives decision-makers the visibility to see how separate functions impact business operations as a whole. It also helps to serve customers better.

As a result, you can better align your operational goals, streamline operations, maximize productivity, and increase profitability. 

Gartner forecasts connected things will reach 25 billion by 2021, producing an immense volume of data.

Since vehicles and assets are an integral part of your business, the data generated by their functions should be embedded into your overall operations. Moving companies toward a strategy of connected operations lead to business growth.  

Managing large-scale operations that include vehicles, assets, a mobile workforce, and customers can be challenging. Still, with the help of the right technology, you can achieve connected operations with the assurance you’ll gain long-term success.  

Here are a few ways a next-gen unified solution will result in the connected operations you need to improve your business: 

  • Comprehensive operator safety. Seamlessly manage, monitor, and coach operators to ensure safety and meet business goals.   
  • Streamlined maintenanceGaining 360-degree connectivity gives your team the tools to schedule preventative maintenance and address mechanical issues the moment they arise. 
  • Effective asset management. Complete visibility into the location of your high-value assets reduces theft and helps you maintain proper utilization so; you can deliver your business promise. 
  •  Operations intelligence. Connecting critical operations and multi-use fleet management data is the key to successfully aligning your business roadmap and KPIs. 

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