IntelliShift Partners With PC Richard & Son To Use Technology To Boost Customer Service
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IntelliShift Team

Improving Customer Service with Telematics

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IntelliShift has been providing cutting-edge fleet management software to their clients since 2002, and is tasked with continuously developing “the next big thing” to set their solution apart in the fleet management industry. One major benefit IntelliShift delivers through its connected field operations platform is that it is continuously being enhanced with new and rich features and benefits, all developed and engineered in the US by the IntelliShift in-house development team.

So when existing IntelliShift customer, P.C. Richard & Son sought a development partner who could help them provide even better customer service, they quickly realized the ease of partnering with IntelliShift. The joint efforts of our two companies resulted in the release of a branded version Customer 360, one of the several premium features IntelliShift offers its clients.

Customer 360

Customer 360 is a Customer Service department and a Customers’ dream come true….it was engineered by IntelliShift to help their thousands of fleet operators and in turn their customers track (in real-time) on an interactive map, the exact location of the delivery driver or service technician en route to the customer’s location. With Customer 360 the customer is assured of always being up to date and informed, even providing a real-time Estimated Time of Arrival.

“We wanted to do something different, something innovative to let our customers know when our trucks were on the way for a delivery or a service call,” said Gregg Richard, President and CEO of PC Richard & Son. “We looked to IntelliShift, our trusted partner in Fleet Management Solutions to help us create an answer; the result was a solution even better than we imagined. Even more so, our customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

IntelliShift and P.C. Richard & Son are both major players in their respective industries, each headquartered in Long Island, NY so the partnership was a perfect fit. P.C. Richard & Son is the largest chain of private, family-owned electronics, appliance and mattress stores in the US, has been in business since 1909. With over 500 vehicles on the road at any time, making over 5,000 deliveries per day, PC Richard knows how important adopting new technology is to keep their competitive edge.

With Customer 360, P.C. Richard customers will receive a secure mobile-friendly web link, unique for their service appointment or delivery; sent via text or e-mail. The customer will be able to view the route of the vehicle, vehicles current location, estimated time of arrival, and, as an added security benefit the technician’s name and photo.

P.C. Richard & Son was built on honesty, integrity, and reliability and prides itself on the level of customer service they provide after the sale is made. IntelliShift has the same beliefs, “When I founded IntelliShift in 2002 I had a very simple premise in mind, help business with both small and large fleets harness the power of the GPS satellites and use that technology to increase productivity and enhance customer service and reduce operating costs.” said founder and CEO of IntelliShift, John Cunningham.

P.C. Richard & Son and IntelliShift always putting their customer first. Be sure to check out the next IntelliShift blog post on why being the best, does not necessarily mean being the biggest when it comes to servicing customers!

Looking for a customer engagement solution? Check out Customer 360.

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