The Advantages of Having One Provider for All Your Field Operations Needs
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IntelliShift Team

With so many providers out there, it’s hard to tell the difference between providers.

You might even be tempted to pick up several providers in order to get what you want, or maybe even to save money. The benefits of choosing a single connected field operations provider can change the way your business handles its day-to-day operations as well as strategic decision-making.


Here are the advantages of a single solution:

  • Unify your data and operations is the only way to gain meaningful insight into key cross-functional processes that affect your overall business. Of course, this assumes your telematics solution is creating real-time, accurate data.
  • Gain real-time insights to help managers make day-to-day decisions that, over time, add up and affect the bottom line.
  • Executives can analyze insights and trends over time for a 30,000-foot view of the business.
  • Reduce tech redundancies and reduce tech spend. Some companies even use multiple telematics providers. Find a provider that can work with all of your vehicles and powered and non-powered assets.
  • Data can be shared or viewed much more easily across functions.
  • Less time will need to be spent on training. If you use several different solutions, users will have to learn all of them and jump back and forth between solutions, wasting a lot of time, effort and forward momentum.

With one software provider, you’ll have everything that you need within one clean, easy-to-read interface. With one vendor, one type of technology, less trainings, and less confusion, your business will see a faster ROI.

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