Asset Tracking

Track your powered or non-powered assets to increase usage and protect against theft.

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Total Visibility for Operational Efficiency and Peace of Mind 

Whether powered or non-powered, parked across the street or the nation, IntelliShift’s Asset Tracking empowers your team to protect and optimize usage of your assets in the field. Visibility pays.

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Easily Recover Stolen & Lost Assets

Secure asset inventory by receiving instant alerts on your desktop or smartphone to monitor unauthorized usage or quickly recover a stolen vehicle.

Identify Asset Location in Real Time

Keep tabs on valuable enterprise fleet assets and other equipment 24/7. With Asset Tracking you’ll have total visibility of the location of all your powered fleet assets at any time, reducing opportunities for theft and misuse.

Maximize Asset Utilization and Efficiency

Always deploy the right equipment to the right site. Easily identify underutilized assets, hours of service, and increased fuel spend.  Real-time alerts and geofences bring awareness to unauthorized use or deviations from standard procedures and locations.

Asset Tracking Features

Complete Fleet Visibility for Maximum Profitability and Reduced Operating Costs


Geofences are customized to bring awareness to unauthorized use or deviations from standard procedures and locations. Easily identify underutilized assets, hours of service, and increased fuel spend.

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Automated Alerts and Status Updates

Real-time alerts are also customized to your operation, notifying you when critical usage data deviates from the norm. Alerts include location, usage, fuel and operator behavior.

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Maintenance Tracking

Through the data integration capabilities of the IntelliShift platform, you can incorporate maintenance tracking and daily inspection reports to complete your understanding of your asset status.

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GPS Tracking for Any Asset

Get real-time location and usage data from all of your equipment, powered or non-powered. You’ll also have instant visibility of assets like trailers, heavy equipment, freight, and shipping containers.

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Asset Tracking is powered by the Google Maps API:

  • Live traffic feeds
  • Real-time ETAs
  • iOS and Android compatibility
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