In the News: IntelliShift Report Reveals Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations Platforms Enable 90% of Fleet-Driven Businesses to Focus on Company’s Bottom-Line
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IntelliShift Team

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, fleet and asset-driven companies require speed, agility and real-time business insights to respond to emerging threats and maximize ROI.

Commack, NY, March 31, 2021IntelliShift, the leader in connected vehicle and asset operations, today released findings from a survey of 227 customers across a variety of industries. The 2021 State of Connected Operations Report: Customer Insights and Trends reveals the pain points that drive investments in transformative technologies, and how successful implementations of technology platforms are translating to safety, efficiency and productivity improvements, as well as increased ROI. The report demonstrates how those that fail to act – continuing to operate with siloed data – struggle to meet rapidly changing business conditions and fall behind their more proactive peers.

Disconnected systems have long plagued the telematics industry, preventing data from being leveraged as a strategic asset in delivering business value. This sentiment clearly emerged in the survey as the most important determinant in selecting a platform – having access to real-time, non-siloed data. Three in five respondents labeled this factor as their top priority and 86% noted that access to non-siloed data has provided deep insights for their organization, drastically improving operations. Additional priorities identified as critical are ease of use and/or implementation (55%) and leveraging a unified, all-in-one platform that not only collects data, but synthesizes it to provide actionable or predictive insights (40%).

When asked what is most important for this data to help with in their organizations, the responses reveal that cost reduction and resource management of people and/or assets rose to the top at 45% and 38% respectively, followed closely by increased monetization of vehicles and assets (30%), connecting operations processes (20%) and business intelligence (17%). Connected vehicle and asset operations platforms make it possible to eliminate redundant, inefficient or error-prone processes to drive cost-savings across organizations.

“Access to on-demand data and end-to-end operational intelligence is critical, particularly in an industry where assets are constantly on the move,” said Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, IntelliShift. “As we’ve seen with our customers, gaining these actionable insights through the right technology platform can increase agility and speed. It also sets the foundation for intelligently predicting and optimizing business performance, as well as understanding how individual and departmental KPIs ladder up to create a winning organization.”

Additional findings highlight key benefits of connected vehicle and asset operations platforms:

Streamlined processes. Seven in 10 respondents (70%) say that process optimization has increased since deploying a connected vehicle and asset operations platform.

Significant time savings. Over half of respondents (57%) say they save one to five hours per week on process or workflows, with almost one in five (16%) saving six to 10 hours and one in 10 (10%) saving over 10 hours each week.

Enhanced visibility. Almost four in five respondents (78%) say they have more visibility into fleet operations now that they are using the platform while almost two in five (38%) have greater visibility into safety and one-third (33%) into maintenance.

Increased focus on improving the bottom line. Nine in 10 respondents (90%) say these platforms allow them to focus their time on other tasks to improve the company’s bottom line, while four in five (80%) say they’ve seen increased ROI with a connected vehicle and asset operations platform.

In a crowded market, having the right connected vehicle and asset operations technology partner is key to success. IntelliShift’s customers have noted top improvements over other solutions, including process optimization (70%), increased use of operational data over the past six to 12 months (71%) and ability to track and monitor vehicle routes (19%). Most notably, 94% of IntelliShift’s customers would recommend its platform, with ease of use, real-time data and customer service each ranked as top reasons.

IntelliShift understands how crucial ease of use and customer service are in the journey for better business outcomes and has developed formalized processes for customers that come standard with solutions. Recently launched, Foundation and Momentum place customer experience at the center of what IntelliShift does, offering the industry an alternative to today’s rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions and self-install practices. The onboarding and ongoing customer success programs are structured to drive rapid time to value with customization based on operational needs and business KPIs – even as business needs shift. With a dedicated customer success professional, IntelliShift customers experience continuous optimization throughout the life of the partnership, ensuring the opportunity to take full advantage of the technology and efficiency gains, ultimately benefiting the entire organization.

For more information, download the 2021 State of Connected Operations Report: Customer Insights and Trends and read more about IntelliShift’s technology.

Survey Methodology
IntelliShift commissioned Regina Corso Consulting to conduct a survey examining how its customers feel about the company and the services it offers. This survey is of 227 IntelliShift customers and was conducted online between November 17 and December 15, 2020. Respondents came from a variety of industries including construction (20%), field services (16%), transportation (13%) and utilities (10%), along with food and beverage, delivery, government, retail, non-profit and wholesale industries. More than half of the respondents had been working in their industry more than 10 years.

About IntelliShift
IntelliShift is the leader in connected vehicle and asset operations, delivering unified data and actionable insights to intelligently predict and optimize business performance. By putting the customer experience at the center of what we do, we offer the industry an alternative to today’s out-of-the box solutions, uniting people, processes, vehicles and equipment through real-time operational data. As a trusted partner to both the SMB and enterprise markets, we work transparently to ensure a seamless deployment, integrate with their existing solutions and define success outcomes for increased productivity, improved safety metrics and an overall reduction in costs per asset. A division of VTS (Vehicle Tracking Solutions), IntelliShift is rooted in nearly 20 years of IoT and telematics expertise. We have evolved to offer a unified, cloud-based platform and solutions, powering the in-the-moment insights required for business agility in mobile and field operations. We strive to empower and enable change agents, not only with our clients but also within their customer base, to achieve results through a prescriptive, iterative approach that generates immediate returns. We are proud to work with leading brands including Bimbo Bakeries, Thyssenkrupp Elevators and US Ecology.

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