Solutions for Connected Vehicle & Asset Management


Transform Your IoT Telematics Data Into Meaningful Enterprise Operations Intelligence

Empower insight-driven decision making with a total solution tailored to your organizational roadmap and goals. Leverage 360-degree operational connectivity and end-to-end visibility within a single, configurable modular platform to help shift your organization forward. 

Operations Intelligence

Connect, analyze, and transform your telematics and operational data with powerful client-configured dashboards that deliver true operational intelligence and drive business roadmap success. 


Optimize your operations with real-time and historical insights from interconnected telematics for powered and non-powered assets and their operators.  


Easily fulfill regulations to prevent unnecessary costs and productivity loss with our intuitive compliance solutions that keep your operations on track. 

Route Management

Optimize service and delivery to customers to increase capacity while reducing delivery times, disruption, and fuel spend.   


Run a truly preventative maintenance program to maximize business productivity, extend the life of your assets, and minimize unnecessary costs. 

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Intelligent Safety Management

Protect your operators and reduce business risk with alerts and tools to manage and modify unsafe situations and driver behavior. 

Fuel Management

Connected Fuel Management

Gain visibility into fuel consumption patterns to uncover significant savings opportunities across your assets. 

Customer 360

Improve Customer Service

Enhance your customer relationship management by delivering an optimal and unrivaled experience, keeping customers informed and engaged across every touchpoint. 

Fleet Intelligence That Drives Results

Gain Visibility Into Your Fleet to Help Reduce Operating Costs and Maximize Profits

Transforming business processes into intelligence by unifying people, assets, and technology into a single platform.

IntelliShift is a scalable business intelligence platform that unifies people, assets, and technology to scale with your evolving business needs and to align your operations with your short-term and long-term goals. Dashboards are configurable to provide connected data and insights to help improve the performance and productivity of operational business processes.

IntelliShift provides a single platform to give decision-makers across the company a high-level snapshot of compliance, safety, maintenance, productivity, and operator accountability data points and how they impact business as a whole.

Manager's Guide to Data-Driven Fleet Operations

Data is the new oil. Learn how to refine it and boost your fleet.

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