Digital Inspection Tools Reduce Risk, Maximize Safety & Profits
Digital Inspections
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Reducing risk and enhancing productivity with digital inspection tools is essential for meeting business goals.

While federal, state, and local regulations intend to keep your fleet, assets, and workforce safe, many companies still perform laborious paper inspections that do little to assure compliance. This reality makes companies vulnerable to costly fines from $12k to $132k for DOT and OSHA non-compliance, leaving profitability in the dust.

What can you do to make your business less vulnerable?

Digital Inspection Tools Transform Compliance

Digital inspection tools help employees uphold compliance and decrease out-of-service vehicle costs estimated at up to $1000 per day. Also, these tools, when configurable, help operators maintain their own health by adhering to critical COVID-19 prevention protocols from handwashing or wearing new gloves at a jobsite to sanitizing assets before and after use.  Plus, quicker, more precise digital inspection checks help build a proactive maintenance strategy to reduce expensive, last-minute repair, or costly replacement. Companies using these tools are better able to decrease maintenance delays, pencil whipping, and expensive fines.

With an innovative mobile inspection process in place, your team can focus on delivering products or services to valued customers. Increasing peace of mind, productivity, and compliance can be simplified with IntelliShift Inspect — our digital inspection tool automates inspections to more easily keep your company compliant.

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Safety + Compliance = Operations Excellence  

Our goal is to help you keep your mobile workforce safe and your business-driving investments in tip-top shape and running smoothly to attain the operations excellence that delivers business success. IntelliShift Inspect allows customers to configure checklists right into the app to systematize pre- and post-trip inspection logging. Driver inspection reporting capabilities equip cross-industry teams with the guidelines to meet DOT, OSHA, MSHA, and FMCSA as well as cold chain/reefer temperature standards.

Investing in a digital solution is necessary for a company to be competitive, ensuring processes are safe and optimizing productivity. Inspect allows operators to capture photo evidence in real-time, making it available in a report or dashboard to provide decision-makers with the insights to prevent asset downtime or the risk of a non-compliance violation.

If you’re ready to come on board, our compliance experts are ready to move you toward operations excellence and business success. Download the Inspect product sheet.



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