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A Next-Generation, Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations Intelligence Platform Changes the Game

As an industry pioneer, VTS has evolved from offering a real-time telematics product to providing fleet management software, to the creation of IntelliShift, an innovative and unique connected fleet and asset operations intelligence platform.

IntelliShift empowers large organizations to improve business processes and optimally monetize their connected vehicles and assets by unifying operational data sets within a platform that is configured to the specific needs of each organization.

IntelliShift a pioneer in fleet management software

A Customer-Centric Philosophy

Throughout this continuous journey of innovation, one thing has never changed: our commitment to the customer. From the design of our solutions to our consultative approach to helping clients solve business problems, our client-first philosophy is core to who we are and how we operate.

Today, with more than 3,000 clients, our customer-centric philosophy remains at the heart of the business. The launch of an operations intelligence platform is a direct response to our clients’ needs for something different than the traditional one-size-fits-all telematics software. And, we’ll continue partnering with our enterprise clients to design and engineer innovative solutions that scale with their current and future roadmap needs and help them gain visibility into how their vehicle, operator, client and business process data are interrelated.

Here are three customer-centric values that we regularly apply as we embark on each successful collaboration:

Using Data to Better Understand the Client

We understand the issues that enterprises face: from the need to make sense of big data to siloed operations to investing in the best tools to turn data into actionable insights for decision-making. The IntelliShift platform delivers a holistic, data-driven perspective on fleet-centric operations, from digitally meeting compliance regulations and safety to meeting business goals and continuously increasing ROI.

REQUEST A DEMO: Learn how IntelliShift can be tailored to improve your fleet and asset operations.

A Commitment to Each Client’s Success

Each client is paired with a dedicated onboarding and account team to understand their short and long-term objectives in order to configure an appropriate solution to address them, and that can scale and evolve as the business grows. In the case of some clients, we’ve aligned to develop custom products that help them better serve their own customers. Through every step of each client relationship, we are committed to being more than a technology provider – we are a collaborative business partner known for delivering client success.

Encouraging Client Innovation

Digital transformation success stems from using data to proactively change the operations and the customer experience to create an agile and more competitive company. Using the latest IoT technology, IntelliShift connects powered and non-powered fleet assets and mobile teams to a company’s back-office, HR, and other operation centers to pinpoint areas for process improvement across the entire organization. For example, the platform returns patterns and trends of fuel spend, route delivery times, the cost of unsafe driving behavior and more, so fleet operators are empowered to improve how operators carry out their daily work, service customers, and maintain operational and project efficiency.

IntelliShift is the right choice to transform your operational data into insights that help you make measurable improvements that increase your customer satisfaction and improve operations in order to meaningfully impact the bottom line. VTS was started 20 years ago to deliver telematics solutions to fleets. Now our operations intelligence solution is transforming traditional telematics by closing the gap between fleet operations and business management to support enterprise-wide goals.


REQUEST A DEMO: Learn how IntelliShift can be tailored to improve your fleet and asset operations.


Doug Eden is the President of IntelliShift, a division of VTS. He has helped facilitate the company’s continued growth and success. His role and passion are to drive velocity by delivering tailored next-generation, connected vehicle and asset programs in a fashion that ensures client success for each organization we have the pleasure of working with.