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Here’s the Best Dash Cam to Improve CSA Scores 

Searching for the best dash camera to improve CSA scores? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of dash cams specifically designed to help fleet managers enhance safety, reduce accidents, and ultimately achieve better CSA scores. By the end, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision on the best dash cam for your fleet. 

What are the FMCSA BASICs? 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories—BASICs—to determine a motor carrier’s safety performance and compliance relative to other carriers.  

  1. Unsafe Driving 
  2. Crash Indicator 
  3. Hours-of-Service Compliance 
  4. Vehicle Maintenance 
  5. Controlled Substances/Alcohol 
  6. Hazardous Materials Compliance 
  7. Driver Fitness 

Challenges Maintaining a Good CSA Score 

So much of what gets measured by the BASICs happens while on the road. The challenge of operating without fleet visibility is the lack of assurances that your drivers are controlling all that can be controlled, and acting appropriately where there is an issue. Further responsibility extends to the fleet leader and company. The outcome is points added to a fleet CSA score, possible fines, risk of your fleet being targeted, and even time off the road, which can have real business implications. 

“Unsafe driving violations are up over 40% for smaller fleets while large and mid-size fleets are showing a much smaller increase. It’s time for the industry to get serious about controlling the controllable.  There will always be accidents and there will always be situations out of the driver’s control, but these violations are not part of that group in any way.” (Source: Safer Fleets)   

Fortunately, there is a solution to visibility in dash cams. Making them dual-facing and adding in an AI (artificial intelligence) feature allows for real-time notifications to drivers to correct risky behavior or to be aware of something happening outside the cab. Arming a fleet with AI dash cams is as close to giving the drivers and your CSA score a protective bubble as you can get.  

See real dash cam footage

What is the Best Dash Cam to Improve CSA Scores? 

Basic Criteria 

Overall, what you will need to find in a dash camera is so much more than recording real-time footage. If you consider the qualities below, you’ll invest in technology that will be a true asset to your fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance programs. 

  • Advanced AI capabilities: Look for intelligent detection of driver fatigue, distraction, and unsafe driving behaviors. 
  • Superior video quality: Ensure crisp footage day and night with high resolution and wide field of view. 
  • Robust storage and connectivity: Choose a solution with ample storage, cloud backup options, and reliable wireless connectivity. 
  • Seamless software integration: Opt for a dash cam designed to work seamlessly with your existing fleet management system for hassle-free data transfer and analysis. 

In-Cab Alerts 

Consider what an extra set of eyes on the road could do for your driver. Thanks to AI technology, not only can activity be detected but also translated to audible alerts for proactive coaching. This includes notifying a driver of an event occurring outside the cab or prompting the driver that they are demonstrating distracted behaviors. Knowing that distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents, this alone can be a game-changer.   

Sensitivity Levels 

Norms change from one fleet to the next. To accommodate what fleet leaders need in their own unique situations, sensitivity settings can be configured for AI dash cams. Further, the data that is sent back to the fleet management system can be configured to make additional notifications for certain severity level events. The point is to get the right information to the right people at the right time. 

Video Clip Access 

 Video footage that’s inaccessible might as well not exist. The best dash cam solutions integrate seamlessly with GPS technology, allowing you to pinpoint footage using timestamps and locations, significantly narrowing your search efforts. Accessing the footage should be effortless—imagine simply hovering over a map within your system to locate, verify, and then effortlessly download the exact video you need. This approach not only streamlines the process but ensures that vital video evidence is always just a few clicks away, ready to support your operations or investigations with precision and ease. 

IntelliShift Revolutionizes Fleet Management and Safety for its Customers Across Industries

A Next-Gen Platform 

While dash cams can be seen as a point solution, they are strongest when part of a comprehensive fleet management solution. IntelliShift offers the next-gen platform that automatically and intuitively combines AI dash cam safety data with other data in one easy-to-use place. It covers all the above features and more! Furthermore, the IntelliShift team brings its experience and consultative approach, making it a partnership and not just another vendor experience. It’s fully engineering and supported right here in the U.S.  

“I’m looking at it from a personal perspective; everyone deserves to go home safe. That’s why I’m here – that’s my passion. To make an investment like this to protect our work family as well as our business was a no-brainer. AI dash cameras have reduced our accidents and increased our safety to levels we didn’t think were possible.” – John Glover, Director of Fleet Safety and Delivery Operations at Day & Nite 

FAQ on IntelliShift AI Dash Cams 

Q: Do IntelliShift AI dash cams have a good driver adoption rate? 

A: If a company invests in technology that is rejected by the intended users, it’s a problem. We understand the importance of good change management and therefore our team supports not only installation but also training and communication. Our customers report that they have the most skeptical drivers turn into the cameras’ biggest advocates when they learn how much AI dash cameras are for their benefit. 

Q: Do IntelliShift AI dash cams support handling driver violation cases?

A: Camera footage is an absolute must when seeking driver exoneration. It makes the case crystal clear with evidence that is so easily accessible. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars and endless amounts of time dealing with claims because of footage at their disposal. The team at Day & Nite found processing time for any claims on accidents has gone from months to less than 30 days, including multiple instances of driver exoneration thanks to the video footage. 

Q: Do IntelliShift AI dash cams decrease accident rates?

A: Absolutely. Within six months of launch, we have had customers see up to an 85% reduction in accidents, 90% reduction in in-cab phone use, and 80% improvement in safety scores. When considering the safety of your fleet and the others on the road together with them, these numbers are priceless. 

The IntelliShift team is ready to show you how fleet intelligence will transform your operations.