Intelligent Mobile Workforce Safety Management & Video Telematics


Protect Your Workforce and Your Business with Our Proactive Fleet Safety Solutions that Encourage Safe Operating Behaviors

IntelliShift’s suite of safety modules does the hard work for you, providing transparency for your fleet managers and ensuring the safety of your operatorsall of which work together to reinforce organizational trust, reduce insurance premiums, and prevent risky behaviors.  

A truly proactive fleet safety program leverages today’s technology to keep your safety goals on track with less manual effort. Automate processes according to your business needs and create dashboards that provide analysis and trends toward your goals. Customizable alerts keep key employees updated, and systematized processes remove the guesswork and ensure adherence at every step. 

Operator Safety Monitoring & Scorecards

Manage, monitor, and coach drivers to reduce risks across your fleet 

Proactively prevent and address safety issues before they become a serious problem with real-time safety monitoring and driver scorecards. With IntelliShift’s end-to-end visibility, you’ll be able to report on organizational safety trends as well as how driver behavior improvements correlate with fuel spend. 

Video Telematics

Protect your operators and assets when it counts most 

Video Telematics dash cam solution provides peace of mind to your drivers and your fleet managers. Pairing video recording with our Silent Passenger telematics solution allows you to have total visibility into what is happening with your operators at all times in case of an accident or customer complaint. 


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