Fleet IQ

Fleet analytics and dashboards to future-proof your business goals.

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Transforming Telematics Data Into Operational Intelligence

Fleet IQ brings end-to-end visibility to the enterprise by transforming fleet and operations data-points into informed decision-making. Fleet analytics with configurable dashboards customized to your business goals deliver key performance indicators to leaders in real-time about your mobile workforce, fleet assets, and operations to optimize customer experiences and drive business growth. 

Real-Time Dashboards

Configurable dashboards to drive informed decisions.


Critical Insights

Connected asset and fleet data optimizes business performance.

How to Run Data-Driven Fleet Operations

Data is the new oil. Learn how to refine it and boost your fleet.

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Next-Generation Fleet & Asset Management Technology

Leverage enterprise operational intelligence to drive business growth.  

Whether your business objectives are to run a more efficient fleet, reduce costs, ensure safety and compliance, or to maximize profitability, the IntelliShift platform is a next-gen enterprise operations intelligence solution that unifies data into a single 360-degree view to ensure company-wide success. 

Choose the Right Fleet Analytics Solution

Learn how client-configured fleet performance dashboards align with your organizational roadmap and goals.

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A Suite of Products to Align Your Multi-Use Fleet Management Platform With Your Business Goals

Silent Passenger Telematics

Asset Tracking

Connect 360 API


Optimized Routing

Operator Safety Management

AI Video

Vehicle Service

Fuel Management


Customer 360