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Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR)

Create operational compliance and safety within a single, integrated platform.

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Connect Your Driver, Fleet Manager, and Maintenance Teams to Reduce Risks and Increase Productivity  

Encouraging safety and proactivity is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your drivers and fleet running smoothly. With IntelliShift’s eDVIR, gone are the days of paper logs and out-of-the-loop managers. Your drivers can instantly create and submit pre- and post-trip driver vehicle inspection reports using a smart device, notifying your fleet managers that they need to schedule maintenance. With our integrated platform, you’ll be able to capture and compile data for decision making and reporting.

Full Built-In FMCSA Compliance 

eDVIR meets all FMCSA field, storage, and alert requirements so that you’ll be set in case of an audit. 

Mobile and User-Friendly for Easy Access from Any Device

Our user-friendly iOS and Android apps walk the driver through each step of the report. 

Never Lose a Record with Unlimited Storage and Accessibility

Reports are immediately sent to the IntelliShift platform and stored for 13 months

Operational Connectivity 

Key users are instantly alerted when issues are reported so that maintenance can be scheduled quickly. Reports are managed directly in the platform and can be marked “Completed” once the problem has been addressed.

Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity

Learn how our client-configured modular solutions work together to align with your organizational roadmap and goals.

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Reduce Risk 

Fast, electronic DVIRs keep drivers accountable, your fleet managers updated, and your maintenance proactive and cost-effective.

Increase Productivity 

Keep your business running smoothly with preventative maintenance, reduced out-of-service vehicle time, and increased safety. 

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eDVIR Guide

Ensure operational compliance and safety within a single, integrated platform with IntelliShift's pre- and post-trip electronic driver vehicle inspection reports.

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