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IntelliShift Q3 Innovation Summit

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IntelliShift Q3 Innovation Summit Webinar

Shift your fleet into high gear and maximize ROI

Join us for our quarterly briefing on the biggest challenges facing fleets today: fuel management and safety.   

In this webinar, award-winning fleet leader Erin Gilchrist will be joined by product and solutions experts Matt Aspinwall, Cara Suarez, and Greg Mattes, who will discuss the newest releases and capabilities that will set your fleet up for success:  

  • Prevent pain at the pump with innovations in fuel management that help you dramatically cut costs  
  • See how the next generation of AI Dash Cams and safety management tools deliver a guaranteed safety ROI  
  • Learn how our growing ecosystem of integrations and partnerships can improve day to day operations 
  • Understand how to prepare your fleet for the next 3G Sunset 


erin headshot
Erin Gilchrist
VP, Fleet Evangelism
greg mattes headshot
Greg Mattes
VP, Business Development
matt aspinwall headshot
Matt Aspinwall
Director, Product Management
cara headshot
Cara Suarez
Senior Director, Product Marketing