Episode 1: Join Us in Building a Fleet Community
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Episode 1 is here! Are you ready to get The Straight Talk on Fleet? 


The Straight Talk on Fleet is a brand new podcast hosted by award-winning fleet leader Erin Gilchrist. On each episode, Erin will break down fleet management, cut through the noise and get to the real issues that safety and operations leaders struggle with every day.  

The goal is to get to the bottom of how leaders can break down the silos of information that stand between them and the ability to run a safe, efficient and sustainable fleet. To accelerate change management and use real-time, accurate data to drive massive efficiencies across fleet-focused business processes. And to elevate fleet careers by sharing emerging best practices.  

In this first episode, you’ll get to know Erin and the podcast as she takes a one-time seat in the guest chair and talks with IntelliShift’s John Carione about her background, passion for fleet management and vision for the podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts. Also, connect with Erin on LinkedIn. You’ll join a community of like-minded fleet leaders, have a voice in the conversation, and be part of an industry-leading initiative to elevate the role of fleet operations and break down the barriers to change. 

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