Episode 22: Live Podcast |  A Conversation on Building a Culture of Safety
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Join the conversation and bring your best practices around safety culture. 

Changing hearts and minds around safety in organizations can be complicated and building a culture of safety can be even harder because it means something different. It means that safety is part of the very fiber of being for your organization. In this live version of The Straight Talk on Fleet Podcast, Erin will provoke thinking around safety culture as a people-first strategy and “the way we work” vs. “a way of working.” Saying “a way of working” suggests there is another way. So, if you’re building culture, stay aligned with the path of “the way we work” to keep the entire organization beating to the tune of the same drum. In Erin’s opinion is what culture is all about.   

Erin will talk about how a well-developed safety program in your fleet that includes tools, tech, and policy will drive results in every area of fleet management, from compliance to accident management to fuel and maintenance management and successful vehicle life cycling. 

Host: Erin Gilchrist  

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