Your Roadmap to an Optimized Fleet Operation and Safer Drivers
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Your expert crew are rockstars, but are they road warriors? If you manage a delivery or service fleet, this on-demand webinar is your fast pass to:  

  • Develop safer drivers. We will share actionable strategies to boost driver safety, reduce turnover, and make them roadway heroes.  
  • Unleash the power of smart, connected tech. Learn how technology and an all-in-one platform become your secret weapons for ultimate safety, efficiency, and productivity. Fleet intelligence is a game changer!  
  • Forget “good enough.” Get the scoop on industry-crushing strategies that propel your fleet (and your career) to the top of the leaderboard.  

Join Erin Gilchrist, award-winning fleet leader and host of The Straight Talk on Fleet podcast for an engaging dialog on how all this leads to SAFETY, which leads to success. She will be joined by a special guest from the industry and one of IntelliShift’s fleet experts who will show you exactly how this works with a live demonstration!  

So, if you are ready to supercharge your safety, streamline your operations like a boss, and implement best practices that leave your competition in the dust…watch this on-demand webinar and unlock your fleet’s peak performance! 

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