D&J Service Optimizes Passenger Safety and Business Efficiency with Connected Data
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IntelliShift Team

D&J Service Optimizes Passenger Safety and Business Efficiency with Connected Data

Industry: Transportation

“IntelliShift provides the digital tools we needed to grow our business and keep it running smoothly and safely.”

Joe Gallitto, General Manager, D&J Service

Before adopting IntelliShift, it was difficult for Joe to pinpoint the location of his vehicles or know how closely his drivers were following company safety and service protocols. As the business flourished, relying on a mix of spreadsheets and pen and paper to track, manage and analyze the data critical to decision making wasn’t the answer. The lack of broad operational insight became a major pain point.

Ultimately, D&J Service chose to partner with IntelliShift because it provided on-demand access to reliable data, enabling the company to operate with greater visibility, speed, agility and safety.


  1. Outdated and cumbersome paper-based processes reduced operational efficiency

  2. Lack of visibility when drivers and passengers were on the road made it difficult to identify and prevent safety and service incidents

  3. Vehicle breakdowns or downtime quickly become passenger safety issues and lead to state violations


  1. Implement a connected, real-time software platform for vehicles and operations proven to improve scheduling, budgetary processes, and reporting

  2. Utilize GPS tracking and dash cam video to proactively monitor passenger safety, driver compliance, and provide improved driver training

  3. Connect vehicle service and telematics to enable proactive maintenance and rapid response to incidents


  • 20% decrease in preventable accidents
  • 15% decrease in insurance costs
  • 10% reduction in fuel consumption

Learn how connecting operations can improve your visibility of the field

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