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On-Demand Webinar: Go Beyond Siloed GPS Tracking and Connect Your Field and Asset Operations

Matt Aspinwall, IntelliShift’s Solutions Engineer Lead, covers the best practices for consolidating systems and connecting operations, the impact of rigid legacy systems, and the benefits of moving to a digitized world with paperless operations.  



Here are some takeaways from the webinar: 

Challenges with Siloed Telematics 

Information silos are a major challenge for enterprise businesses. When information is siloed, valuable insights can and will be lost because they are not only hard to share but also hard to uncover 

Silos can occur for several reasons: legacy software that does not natively connect different data sets, rigid software that cannot be configured, disparate systems, and/or company culture. Silos often result in a lack of visibility in how your business is performing, inefficient processes or low morale. 

How Can Connected Operations Help? 

The goal of connected operations is to unify data in a way that ensures data reliability and integrity to help address silo mentality.  

Resolving information silos can be done by consolidating disparate systems and data sets into a single “pane of glass.This allows leaders to create goals across teams, incentivize positive joint performance, and regularly review and calibrate goals. 

How Can IntelliShift Enable a Connected Approach? 

IntelliShift unifies your operational data, providing real-time insights that are visible across groups within a single platform. With your operations unified within a single, configurable platform, you can then begin to share data and create, manage, and achieve your organizational goals. 

On-Demand Webinar