Monitor Key Fleet Activities Using Engine Torque Power Take Off Signals
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IntelliShift Team

Vehicle accessory monitoring such as Power Take Off (PTO) monitoring and reporting can increase the performance reporting ability of your business with the ability to alert and report on the use of a truck’s engine power, to determine if it was being used to power an accessory such as a PTO on your vehicles.

PTOs are used by fleet and equipment operators to use all or some of the vehicle’s engine power to get every task you need to perform using switches in the vehicle. IntelliShift’s platform can monitor these vehicle accessories, then send you alerts and reports using all the important data that our platform is capturing to ensure you can maximize the efficiency of your fleet’s performance.

What are the advantages of vehicle accessory monitoring and reporting?

  • Improve your data reports with accurate tracking of vehicle accessory/power take off utilization
  • Increase the safety and proper utilization of your vehicles
  • Provide proof of service
  • Receive real-time feedback on your vehicles accessory utilization (IE: Check to see if vehicles plow is up or down
  • Receive alerts based on accessory utilization (IE: PTO engaged when the vehicle is in motion)
  • Have reports available to compare acceptable idling (when vehicle accessories or PTOs are being used) VS un-necessary excessive idling to reduce fuel waste
  • Have accurate reporting on vehicle accessory and power take off utilization to ensure proper maintenance schedules are being followed for your fleet

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