IntelliShift Recognized As Top 10 Connected Field Operations Provider
Top 10 Fleet Management Solution Provider in 2018
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Logistics Tech Outlook has recognized IntelliShift as a Top 10 Connected Field Operations Provider.

IntelliShift is a leading provider of fleet management and telematics software since 2002. The provider has helped enterprise fleets transform their fleet management and mobile workforce operations with its cloud-based and data-driven fleet intelligence solutions.

The transportation world is currently going through an unprecedented period of transformation. Today, there are millions of commercial fleet vehicles on the road. The changing scenario demands the need for reducing cost and maximizing fleet utilization in the logistics space by harnessing the potential of advanced technologies. Meanwhile, organisations and research teams are constantly developing the fleet management industry, especially with rapid advancements in technology. Most new tech-savvy mobility companies have a strong orientation towards the user journey and less on vehicle/ fleet life-cycle management.

Fleet managers can gain better insight into operations via access to data and telematics. Fleet trends indicate that innovative solutions are being developed that enables fleet managers to increasingly use self-service tools and data to meet their own needs. This will translate into major cost-savings for fleets with less expensive telematics systems.

Modern day trucking fleets and drivers have also come to rely on mobile solutions to streamline internal processes and boost operational efficiency. With onboard sensors and wireless devices. (read full article )

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  • Improve driver safety
  • 360-degree view of the fleet with intelligent dashboards
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Minimize fuel, maintenance, and other expenses

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