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IntelliShift Team

IntelliShift is proud to be featured both online and in print as a leader in the fleet management and telematics software industry space.

Recently, CIO Applications interviewed Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer of IntelliShift. This interview delves into the current state of the industry and the needs of enterprise-level clients.

Improving Efficiency with More Than GPS Tracking

The company focuses on serving enterprise fleets. These larger fleet sizes have unique challenges that require more complex software solutions than simple GPS tracking. While tracking is the primary pain point of enterprise fleets, the solutions they look for must be equipped to collect information and use it to help them make data-driven business decisions.

These solutions often need to be more complex than just GPS tracking. Instead, these clients are interested in monitoring aspects such as fuel consumption, driver behaviors, and asset utilization. “Many of our solution’s features are geared toward helping our clients on running their business more efficiently and improving their bottom-line”.

Insights to Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

“We leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to help fleets make smarter decisions with insights on operational performance and efficiency”. This requires that the solution can connect to existing business systems and deliver insights and metrics in formats that allow decision-makers in the company better manage their fleet.

These enterprise-fleets are concerned with the level of service that they deliver to their partners. This means that the software solutions must provide insights and visibility that allow the business to better serve their clients. “Our solution ensures that our clients deliver highly satisfying customer experience to their clients by leveraging API integration with third-party software that’s existing in their current enterprise system”.

Personalized Client Support

IntelliShift is more than just a software, it comes with a strong partnership between us and the client. “Businesses approach us not just for a product, but also for the business relationship. This is where we differentiate ourselves-being more of a business partner and their consultant”

The interview features a recent customer success story read the interview to find out how one client improved customer service with the help of IntelliShift.

IntelliShift has stood out in the fleet management and telematics software industry for the last 16 years, because of its emphasis on client success. As a business, IntelliShift understands the need for its software to be configured and reliable enough to meet the unique needs of each client. The software is not designed to be a one size fits all solution for fleet management, but instead a robust tool that businesses with fleets can use to improve their overall operations.

Read the entire interview here.

Learn more about IntelliShift’s focus on client success and configurable solution. Let’s chat.

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