IntelliShift Expands All-In-One Platform Capabilities with the Launch of Fleet Maintenance
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IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance automates issue capture from all sources, streamlines task management, and aggregates data for modern fleet health and sustainability programs.

COMMACK, N.Y., September 29, 2022 – IntelliShift, the leading connected fleet intelligence platform for safety and operations teams, today announced the launch of IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance, a new tool for fleet managers that automates maintenance by eliminating manual data entry and proactively tracking inventory of key parts and equipment. IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance consolidates data collected from digital inspections, advanced telematics, and engine diagnostics to ensure what’s happening in the field is communicated properly to internal and external service partners. The addition of IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance to the company’s current offering will enable its customers to further enhance the safety, efficiency and sustainability of their fleets within a single connected platform.

Your vehicle and driver are providing data every minute of every day. Multiply that across a whole fleet of vehicles and equipment, and it can be challenging to sort out which issues and service tasks need attention now, next, or later.”

-Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer, IntelliShift

Fleet maintenance costs are rising and the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council estimates that parts and labor costs increased 10 percent in 2021 due to supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. The cost of replacing aging work trucks has also risen by 31.9 percent since 2021. With inflation topping 8.5 percent in 2022, the trend of growing maintenance costs is poised to continue.  Additionally, supply chain issues have become the number one issue facing fleets, as commercial vehicles that used to have six to eight months for replacement lead times now are expected to be 12 to 18 months.

The primary way fleets can avoid these extraordinary rising costs and long replacement lead times is to optimize preventative maintenance and keep aging vehicles roadworthy longer. To reduce those costs and extend the lifetime of fleets, better data is needed to predict, prevent and inform maintenance.

IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance offers easy to understand dashboards and KPIs to allow fleet managers to visualize their complete maintenance program at a glance. Building upon IntelliShift’s existing vehicle service offering, the next generation Fleet Maintenance offering provides new functionality including work order management, purchase order workflows, parts inventory tracking and labor codes for more efficient processes and comprehensive visibility into maintenance costs.

Expanded capabilities also support mixed fleets consisting of vehicles and any type of equipment in the same view, breaking down data silos. IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance brings every asset class into one platform so fleet managers, maintenance professionals, and operational leads can see the status, health, and planned or unplanned maintenance of both their vehicles and equipment in one place. In addition to streamlining workflows across asset class, the new maintenance module also enables parts inventory tracking and just in time ordering, so maintenance crews are never left without enough critical parts to keep vehicles and equipment up and running.

“Your vehicle and driver are providing data every minute of every day. Multiply that across a whole fleet of vehicles and equipment, and it can be challenging to sort out which issues and service tasks need attention now, next, or later.” said Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer at IntelliShift. “IntelliShift is laser focused on advancing our offerings to ensure fleet managers have the tools they need to streamline their operations. This means breaking down silos for mixed fleets, while delivering an unparalleled workflow between digital inspections and full telematics.”

With IntelliShift’s new maintenance module, fleet managers can easily unify maintenance planning for mixed fleets, optimize service schedules to maximize uptime, and provide flexibility for in-house or external vendors. By leveraging IntelliShift Fleet Maintenance to extend the lifecycle of fleet vehicles and equipment, companies have the solution needed to address rising costs, combat supply chain disruption and continue to increase efficiencies.

Traditionally, fleets had two options in the fleet maintenance market: a point solution that relies on ingesting third-party data or a telematics provider that only offers basic preventative maintenance scheduling. Both options have siloed information, provide disjointed processes and workflows, and do not paint the complete picture of the health of a fleet, which makes fleet management harder than it needs to be. IntelliShift provides a different approach. Its all-in-one platform enables mixed fleets to combine digital inspections, robust vehicle and equipment maintenance, and telematics data all in one place so fleet leaders can feel confident in the data-based decisions they need to make. With IntelliShift, fleets have a partner that supports their entire operational workflow and provides all the insights they need to make the decisions to help their business excel.

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IntelliShift is powerful fleet intelligence made simple. Designed to solve safety and operational challenges, it is the only solution that enables businesses with fleets of vehicles and heavy equipment to easily access all fleet operations data in a single platform. Leveraging 20+ years of expertise in business and hundreds of years collectively as fleet experts, IntelliShift delivers deep fleet data insights to drive better business outcomes. As a trusted partner to mobile and field operations spanning SMB to the enterprise market, our client-centric approach ensures a seamless deployment, easy integration with existing solutions and immediate returns through increased productivity, improved safety metrics and a demonstrable reduction in costs per asset. We are proud to work with leading brands including Bimbo Bakeries, Thyssenkrupp Elevators and US Ecology.

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