IntelliShift Announces New Products Ahead of Inaugural ConnectedOps 2020 Virtual Conference
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Offerings to provide unmatched capabilities for customers, connecting vehicle and asset operations to intelligently optimize business performance

Commack, N.Y., November 10, 2020  – IntelliShift, the leader in connected vehicle and asset operations that delivers unified data and actionable insights to intelligently predict and optimize business performance, today unveiled two new innovative product offerings, Operations IQ and AI Video, and announced enhancements to IntelliShift Inspect. Designed to transform large fleet and equipment driven operations, the products will join IntelliShift’s next-generation asset and fleet intelligence platform to further help customers unify operational data, while streamlining reporting, enhancing safety and reducing downtime.

Today, as connected vehicles generate an insurmountable amount of data every hour, operations managers have an immense opportunity to collect in-the-moment, actionable insights and optimize company processes. However, many technology solutions do not provide meaningful, outcome-based data analyses, leaving organizations with a surplus of stale and siloed data. Clouded by outdated and insufficient solutions, many organizations are still relying on manual, paper and Excel-based methods that are not intended for business intelligence data reporting, slowing down processes and leaving critical operational, safety and cost-related information untouched.

IntelliShift, however, is revolutionizing the industry, providing significant value and real-time connected operations innovation through its IntelliShift platform, and now, with its new solutions – all of which will soon be officially available for full customer deployment:

  • Operations IQ: Generally available in December
  • AI Video: Generally available in December
  • IntelliShift Inspect: Generally available now

Operations IQ, IntelliShift’s new powerful analytics and visualization tool, will help customers seamlessly connect and analyze real-time information. As many companies are plagued by fragmented data, Operations IQ will allow users to create multi-dimensional reports and dashboards using their integrated operational data to maximize processes and achieve core business KPIs. It will connect all operations to combine company datasets – including telematics, fuel usage and spend, safety, vehicle service and inspections – allowing customers to extract meaningful insights to improve critical business decisions.

IntelliShift is also announcing AI Video, a proactive, in-cab safety video solution that will help customers run company-wide safety programs. As the number of accidents continues to rise, it’s critical that organizations have the proper solutions in place to not only protect their drivers and prevent incidents, but also safeguard themselves against potentially fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits. With safety being the utmost concern, and recognizing the immediate need to manage driver behavior, IntelliShift developed AI Video, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), G-force sensors and 360-degree video. The solution will alert users of unsafe driving behaviors and hazardous road conditions, enabling managers to coach drivers in real time and improve overall safety metrics across their organizations.

“Enterprises today are quickly gaining access to a significant amount of data,” said Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, IntelliShift. “However, too often, they are unable to connect and make sense of the raw information collected by their vehicles, assets and equipment. Without the help from their technology providers, many organizations are unable to make use of the real-time datasets, leaving company operations relatively unchanged. However, IntelliShift is eliminating these barriers, and we’re proud to unveil our new and revised solutions, Operations IQ, AI Video and IntelliShift Inspect, which will help unify data, people and processes – presenting unmatched value to our customers, unlike anything else on the market.”

Coupled with two new solutions, IntelliShift has also announced new enhancements  to IntelliShift Inspect. IntelliShift Inspect is designed for users to seamlessly connect critical safety and compliance processes to enhance overall business performance. As many companies are leveraging antiquated, paper-based reporting methods – which too often lead to sloppy, duplicate and unreliable reporting – operations departments are unable to ensure their vehicles, assets, equipment and job sites are running on schedule, compliant and up to date on all necessary repairs. IntelliShift Inspect creates digital forms that are configured to meet any unique business needs, using real-time reporting and automated alerts to optimize processes and customer operations. Now, as a result of the new enhancements, IntelliShift Inspect delivers notifications to operators when an inspection fails with an out of service, features new stages during inspections to better track failed inspections and offers operator verification signatures.

“IntelliShift is a valued partner to Sweeping Corporation of America, providing superior business intelligence and next-level automation and visibility across our entire organization,” said Jake Rubin, Vice President of Operational Excellence, Sweeping Corporation of America. “We have seen remarkable results to-date by leveraging a suite of IntelliShift’s connected products, and we know these new solutions will follow suit, delivering unparalleled value and innovation to all of IntelliShift’s customers.”

Committed to helping its customers better understand and harness the power of real-time analytics and actionable data, IntelliShift is hosting its inaugural ConnectedOps 2020 virtual conference on November 17. Designed to bring forward-thinking industry leaders together, ConnectedOps 2020 will showcase what the future holds in the connected field and asset operations market. To hear executives dive deeper into the unrivaled capabilities of Operations IQ, AI Video and IntelliShift Inspect, register here today!

About IntelliShift

IntelliShift is the leader in connected vehicle and asset operations, delivering unified data and actionable insights to intelligently predict and optimize business performance. By putting the customer experience at the center of what we do, we offer the industry an alternative to today’s out of the box solutions, uniting people, processes, vehicles and equipment through real-time operational data. As a trusted partner to enterprises, we work transparently to ensure a seamless deployment, integrate with their existing solutions and define success outcomes for increased productivity, improved safety metrics and an overall reduction in costs per asset. A division of VTS, IntelliShift is rooted in nearly 20 years of IoT and telematics expertise. We have evolved to offer a unified, cloud-based platform and solutions, powering the in-the-moment insights required for business agility in mobile and field operations. We strive to empower and enable change agents, not only with our clients but also within their customer base, to achieve results through a prescriptive, iterative approach that generates immediate returns. We are proud to work with leading brands including Bimbo Bakeries, Thyssenkrupp Elevators and US Ecology.

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