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In the News: Forbes – Commercial Trucking Companies Getting Desperate For Drivers

Today, Forbes published, “Commercial Trucking Companies Getting Desperate For Drivers.” The article looks at the growing challenge faced by fleet-driven companies because of the ongoing driver shortage. It also explores potential solutions, including the DRIVE-Safe Act currently being considered in the U.S. Congress and the importance of fleet safety technology.

Alan Butzbach, VP of Transportation, Facilities and Food Safety Compliance at New York City-based Baldor Specialty Foods, speaks to the company’s challenges in restoring its roster of drivers post-pandemic, and the financial incentives in place to overcome the challenge.

IntelliShift CTO, Ryan Wilkinson, shares thoughts and insights about how new fleet safety technology can help ensure safe driving behavior and reduced accidents with new, less-experienced drivers entering the industry.

Read the full article on Forbes.