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How IntelliShift’s AI Dash Cam 400 Raises the Bar on Advanced Fleet Tech and Safety

by Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, IntelliShift

Running a fleet of commercial vehicles is a complex challenge, no matter the fleet size. Operational success depends not just on efficiency or agility, or even delivering an exceptional customer experience. It takes all that plus proactive fleet safety. Safety can make or break operational success, especially with the increasing rate of risk on today’s roadways. Studies show a surge in driver distraction, aggressive behavior and vehicle accidents since the start of the pandemic. And recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows this trend continuing, with traffic deaths spiking in 2021. Add the ongoing labor shortage to the mix and it’s a perfect storm of business vulnerability. Fleet leaders need to uplevel the driving skills of current low performers and hire less experienced drivers to fill open positions, and we’re delivering technology to solve these challenges.

ai video driver and road facing dash cams

Safety Reimagined: Fully Integrated AI Video with Advanced Telematics

When we set out to build the next generation of AI Video, we started by reimagining fleet safety. Our approach took a holistic perspective, meeting today’s diverse fleet challenges, solving problems the industry’s first generation of AI dash cams failed to address, and laying a strategic path for future advancement and evolution. We delivered on our goal with the AI Dash Cam 400. This solution is more than a streamlined device with dual cameras to monitor both road and driver. It delivers the industry’s tightest integration of video, AI, advanced telematics, engine diagnostics and more. Real-time alerts and in-cab coaching give drivers the opportunity to correct behavior before a risk becomes an incident, to avoid costly accidents. And when an incident is unavoidable, our platform’s advanced architecture with cutting-edge AI technology is always in-sync across video and telematics. This ensures the accuracy required to exonerate innocent drivers, reduce settlement costs and keep insurance premiums down.

The Road to Advanced AI for Optimal Performance and High Value

IntelliShift’s advanced AI and machine vision algorithm is rooted in 20 years of fleet management experience, combined with millions of hours of real-world video footage and data collected from multiple sensors. The sensor information includes data from a diverse set of vehicle ECMs (Engine Control Modules), road-facing cameras and driver-focused footage. The vast array of data and sensor points ensures a more precise and relevant AI-based technology. As we continue to collect data and increase the sensor points, we fine-tune or “train” our AI-based technology to deliver the most accurate and meaningful information. And as our AI technology improves, updates are sent directly to our in-vehicle devices (cameras and gateways) over-the-air or wirelessly so customers can benefit immediately from the latest advances.

Powerful Edge Processing for In-Vehicle Intelligence and Proactive Incident Prevention

IntelliShift’s AI lives in the vehicle hardware, which leverages powerful edge-processing, incorporating AI and machine vision right into our in-vehicle cameras and gateways. Unlike solutions that leverage only cloud-based AI, data processing happens instantly at the point of collection, ensuring accuracy by keeping it in sync with advanced telematics. It also means analysis is fast, situations are quickly assessed to deliver real-time feedback. Because of this, distracted driving such as cell phone usage and behaviors such as following too close are identified immediately and proactive accident prevention is possible.

Other technologies that rely on cloud processing suffer from alerting and coaching delays and fail to prevent some otherwise preventable incidents. Reliance on cloud processing can also throw data out of sync, caused by something as frequent as a lost cellular connection when a vehicle drives through a tunnel. Once collected, out of sync data is practically useless because there’s no longer a single source of truth to rely upon.

IntelliShift’s AI continues to gain intelligence. With each day and every data point collected, our AI and machine vision technology continues to develop and get smarter. As we add more sensor points and vehicles continue to become more data-centric, we feed our AI to gain more insights, drive more value and continue to optimize processes for fleet businesses.

There is No Need for Disparate Systems and Siloed Data Stacks

At IntelliShift we know that access to unified data is imperative to quickly and easily unlock fleet efficiency, visibility, safety and cost savings. We also understand that customers want a comprehensive fleet management and safety solution with powerful functionality, yet without expensive extraneous features that don’t directly contribute to improved business processes. IntelliShift is the only solution that combines premium telematics, AI video safety, fuel management, maintenance, inspections, compliance, and more into one system that’s built in-house, hardware to software. That means you get more reliable data, better-connected processes, and fewer tools to manage. Delivering the right data and analysis. Information and insights are only as good as the data collected and how it’s presented. At IntelliShift, we leverage our deep fleet knowledge and experience to analyze information in a smart and efficient way so we can bring relevant value to your fleet and organization.

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A Laser Focus on Improving the User Experience

IntelliShift’s all-in-one fleet management platform significantly improves the user experience by streamlining workflows, simplifying data management and driving integrated data insights to make important decisions that lead to improved fleet business processes. Throughout the development of our next generation fleet safety solution, the IntelliShift team listened closely to what our customers and users had to say about their most critical fleet, operational and safety challenges, and where existing technology had let them down. And solving those pain points in the product wasn’t enough. Fleet leaders need the right solution, and they need it to be available for immediate deployment.

So, in addition to reimagining our AI Dash Cam solution, we took a strategic approach to building our supply chain. We are ready today to get our next-gen product into customers’ hands immediately and at scale.

Fleet Managers get technology solutions that are fast and easy to deploy. Our AI Dash Cam redesign features a sleek form factor with rapid install technology. Discreetly hidden behind the dash, our advanced telematics gateway continues tracking even if the camera is removed, so you never lose a vehicle to theft. And thanks to our plug-and-play connections your vehicles are rolling in less than 30 minutes. It’s the fastest time-to-value in the industry.

Drivers get streamlined hardware that uses less dash space, with features that automatically make their job easier. It promotes safe driving without being intrusive, ensuring a smooth workday and a safe return home at night. IntelliShift’s benefits make it easy to understand and communicate how tech like AI-powered video monitoring is there only to proactively identify safety risks as a preventative measure, not capture every minute of the workday.

Safety Managers save time with streamlined workflows and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform that provides relevant information and insights. The IntelliShift dashboard delivers contextual safety event videos and information tailored to their fleet. New platform enhancements include click-and-play video event thumbnails. Larger fleets benefit from batch processing of safety events to simplify coaching at scale. Additionally, consolidated benchmarks provide broader visibility and deeper context into safety program effectiveness, organizational patterns, and improvements over time.

If you’re ready for a partner who understands the needs and challenges of your fleet business, IntelliShift is ready to put our 20 years of fleet expertise to work for you. We’ll tailor our next-generation AI fleet solution to your business, and help you generate next-level results.