Highlighting ConnectedOps 2020: Partner Sessions with Route4Me and Snowflake
connectedops partner sessions
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On November 17, IntelliShift is hosting the inaugural ConnectedOps virtual conference, which is designed to bring forward-thinking decision-makers, thought leaders, executives and IT personnel together to showcase what the future holds for connected vehicle and asset operations.

Hear from some of our top executives and connect with visionaries and subject matter experts in their specific fields, including other IntelliShift customers and partners.  

Partner sessions include Parker Woodward, Strategic Partnerships at Route4Me and Eric Szenderski, Account Executive at Snowflake.  

Partner Sessions will take place from 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. 

Route4Me: Powering Logistics Intense Businesses 

Join Woodward for a session on route planning to learn how Route4Me’s integration with IntelliShift offers unique views into your asset and vehicle data for smarter routing and greater efficiency.  

Snowflake Partner Session 

Szenderski’s session will take a deep dive highlighting the power of their data warehouse technology and learn how IntelliShift is harnessing that power to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions to our customers.  

Why attend these partner sessions? 

Especially for functional leaders in HR, IT and finance, who look for cross-functional data insights to improve operations to drive profit, these partner sessions will provide ways to have greater efficiency and solutions for customers.  


Save your spot at ConnectedOps 2020 today! 

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