Counting Down to ConnectedOps 2020: A Virtual Event for the IntelliShift Community
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IntelliShift Team

Next month, on November 17, IntelliShift will be launching our inaugural ConnectedOps 2020 virtual conference, which is designed to bring forward-thinking decision-makers, thought leaders, executives and IT personnel together to showcase what the future holds in the connected field and asset operations market.

By uniting core decision-makers across the industry, ConnectedOps 2020 will serve as a unique, large-scale education and networking session where attendees can discuss the power of real-time analytics and actionable data to drive better business outcomes and overall operational excellence.

Throughout the event, attendees will have the opportunity to join sessions that are strategically tailored to meet their individual needs and help solve specific business challenges. Whether it be understanding how to eliminate siloed data to better run operations; how to streamline and digitize processes while also ensuring complete, end-to-end safety; or how to successfully integrate the IntelliShift platform with other key back-office systems, the event will demonstrate how our clients can garner deep, cross-functional insights to ensure next-generation ROI.

Why Attend?

With the potential to revolutionize business processes across a variety of industries – including construction, utilities, and food and beverage – having access to in-the-moment insights to better connect company operations is more important now than ever. As the leading configurable solution helping our clients unify their data, we’re thrilled to be able to bring together attendees and share detailed viewpoints of what it takes to optimize operations and achieve successful digital transformation.

In addition to hearing from some of our top executives, attendees will also be able to connect directly with visionaries and subject matter experts in their specific fields – including other IntelliShift customers and partners – to discuss their successes and overall approaches to operational excellence. They will also have the unique opportunity to speak with the product leaders determining the future of the IntelliShift platform, gaining an advanced look into the product roadmap and getting personalized recommendations on how the platform can be adapted to meet their specific needs.

Following the event, attendees will leave with a more in-depth understanding of the impact of connected field and asset operations and the true value of cross-functional visibility. Not only will they be well-versed in best practices for leveraging data when it comes to safety, maintenance, and resource optimization, but they’ll also be able to immediately implement new processes at their own companies.

Key Sessions

Our educational sessions are geared toward providing unmatched insights for fleet and operations managers, safety and compliance managers, IT managers, and top company executives. 

Below are a few features of the keynotes and general sessions that will cover a versatile list of topics related to product management, maintenance/inspection, IT, API integration and more.


  • History of IntelliShift: Join John Cunningham, IntelliShift CEO, to hear about the background of the company and why it’s the leader in connected operations. 
  • Strategy and Roadmap: Join Ryan Wilkinson, IntelliShift CTO, as he discusses the company’s overarching product strategy and details new innovations and enhanced capabilities on the horizon.
  • Customer Success Strategy: Hear Kristi Faltorusso, IntelliShift VP of Customer Success, discuss the evolution of Customer Success at the company and what you can expect as we help you lead the charge around Connected Operations. 

Partner/Customer Sessions and Panels

  • Route4Me: Join Route4Me executives for a spirited session on optimized routing and the integration with Intellishift that offers unique views into asset and vehicle data for smarter routing with greater efficiency. 
  • Customer Panel – From GPS Tracking to Connected Operations: Kyle Bennett, customer success manager at Intellishift, will moderate a customer panel discussion that will provide unique perspectives on what business intelligence means for some of our customers from different industries and verticals. Panelists will include: 
    • Gary Williams, manager of logistics services, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages
    • David Latourell, director of safety and transportation, Paraco Gas
    • C.W. Schwalbe, operations manager, Northwell Health CEMS

General Sessions:

  • Introduction to the Operations IQ Module: Join Patrick Quiery, technical product manager at IntelliShift, to discuss how unified data and data visualizations will solve the challenges with siloed data sets that leave businesses unable to reconcile data. 
  • Inspect 2.0 Overview: Join Al Ross, Intellishift’s maintenance and inspections expert, as he details what Inspect is and how IntelliShift is helping transform digital inspections when compared to traditional, outdated methods that reduce compliance and do nothing to help with preventative maintenance. 
  • Best Practices in Safety & Maintenance: Hear how IntelliShift’s safety and maintenance solutions tie together to increase safety for drivers, vehicles and assets, and protect overall business brand.
  • Best Practices in IT and API integration: Listen to Tim Webster, senior project manager at IntelliShift, speak about how to extend the power of the Intellishift platform and integrate with external systems.

How to Join

Are you interested in joining ConnectedOps 2020? If so, you can see the full agenda and save your seat today by registering here for free! Once you’re signed up, we’ll be sure to share relevant updates and important information, keeping you in-the-know leading up to the event.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on November 17, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET/8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PT!

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