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How Connecting Your Construction Operations Improves Financial Decisions Across Your Organization

Are you having trouble breaking down operational silos and getting better visibility into all the action across your construction operations? Do you have a good handle on every asset you own: where they are, how many you have, how they are being used? Do you know the actual cost of each job, allowing you to more accurately bid on projects to increase profitability? 

Construction operations are complex and built on consistently shifting mobile operations with multiple job sites at the center. Operational functions and data continue to be siloed, which can cause challenges across the organization.  

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Firms Aren’t Yet Maximizing Data to Maximize Profit 

  • 95% of all construction and engineering data is unused  
  • 43% of construction firms prioritize immediate financial goals over organizational resilience 
  • A mere 31% of construction projects came within budget 

SourcesFMI’s Big Data = Big Questions for the Engineering and Construction IndustryConstructing Excellence’s Organisational Resilience – Are we built on a house of cards?; KPMG’s 2015 Global Construction Project Owner’s Survey 

Within the current paradigm, “failing” doesn’t have to mean “no longer using.” Failing also means lack of confidence in a solution and stumbling along because it’s all you’ve got to work with. 

Get the Guide: Learn about how decision-makers are impacted daily by siloed operations and gain a best practices checklist to help you identify your best solution partner. 

The Vision of Connected Operations 

A connected operation is one that has unified their people, processes and data within one platform for greater visibility and data-driven insights. 

With a connected field and asset operations solution, you won’t be limited within the confines of the status quo. In order to achieve greater success, you’ll need to tap into your operational data in a modern way that removes current restrictions dragging down your operations, productivity and profit. 

Construction companies are only using 5% of their data, and when information becomes connected with a holistic solution, the 95% you are missing will be easier to access and mine for new, far-reaching insights. 

With a connected operations solution, decision makers across your organization will gain valuable insights such as: 

  • Executives will gain visibility into total cost of ownership, how you are tracking toward goals, and profitability and business intelligence. 
  • Finance will be more accurate with job costing and scoping, project billing and resource management and optimization. 
  • Fleet operations managers will be able to better manage all of your resources, from vehicles, yellow iron and equipment to your workforce and daily spend. 
  • Safety and compliance managers will be able to ensure accountability across the organization. 
  • MaintenanceIT and even your customers will benefit from a unified solution and the resulting operational intelligence. 

With IntelliShift, you will have a full capability to unify telematics, safety, maintenance, compliance, fuel management, routing, and operations intelligence within one platform.  

In just two months with IntelliShift, a large contractor in the US and Canada saw compliance with their safety initiatives increase from 80% to 98% – a 28% increase across their organization. 

Get Started: Connect Your Data and Assets and Gain Operational Insights 

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  • Defining your connected operations strategy
  • Proving your successes with these data-driven insights and metrics

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