360-Degree Visibility Transforms Fleet Data to Operations Intelligence
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Making smarter business decisions faster is easily achieved with 360-degree operational visibility

C-level executives leading fleet-centric enterprises reach this objective by implementing technology solutions that connect critical operational data points to gain end-to-end visibility, collaboration efficiencies, and leverage IoT analytics to push their business forward.   

A big picture view of fleet operations enables leaders to move from insight to action, cementing long-term growth. Today, enterprise fleets can take advantage of business intelligence tools to proactively transform fleet data into actionable insights, making decisions that allow for peak performance and continuous ROI.  

As the digital transformation continues to disrupt how companies manage fleet assets and operations, a parallel goal is to reduce redundancies created by the estimated 160 tech systems companies have in play to impact internal and external customers positively.

360-degree data view of enterprise operations.


Transform Data into Business Intelligence 

What construction, oil & gas, and other companies have in common is the pressure to deliver better products or services at lower costs while surpassing the competition. Our IntelliShift platform assists enterprises with large fleets by connecting disparate data garnered from powered and non-powered assets, the mobile workforce, back-office systems, and cross-departmental operations. Synching this data initiates a steady flow of business insights, pointing your company towards operations excellence. 

IoT analytics solutions can transform big data into real-time insights via performance dashboards tailored to represent your company’s data story visually. Insights become the business intelligence to build a proactive maintenance schedule, decrease fuel spend, and ensure operator monitoring improves safety. Connecting fleet data to back-office systems in a single, holistic view presents the necessary triggers needed to make fast, savvy business decisions to maximize process efficiency.  

A big picture view of fleet operations enables leaders to move from insight to action, cementing long-term growth.

Whether it’s a 30,000-foot view of your entire fleet on the road or specifics on a few high-risk drivers or the need for efficient vehicle maintenance, adding business intelligence into the management of your fleet, saves time and money, increasing profits.

Manage Your Mobile Workforce Effectively  

A mobile workforce is made up of employees who make customer deliveries or provide on-site services. Equipping your team with vehicles paired with IoT devices that feed location-based fleet and telematics data into an intelligent operations platform empowers them to perform their job safely and effectively. Route optimization functionality streamlines delivery and enables live customer communication (with less manual work) until a product or service is delivered. Incentivizing your workforce to meet compliance and safety standards with digital scorecards that gauge risky driving behavior or dual-facing cameras that create the opportunity for visual review of the factors leading up to an accident.  

Additionally, moving your team from paper-based inspections to automated processing makes your mobile team more accountable, increasing the likelihood of adequately performing inspections to improve vehicle and asset health, decreasing breakdowns and downtime. Technology empowers your team to perform daily duties with a customer-focused mindset, which goes a long way toward optimizing the customer experience. 

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Enhance Customer Experiences  

Businesses can’t be competitive in the digital world without using technology well. And, with customer expectations anchored to exceptional service, companies today primarily hinge their customer success rates on investment in the right fleet and asset management solution. The aim of the enterprise fleet is finding a platform that integrates with their current technology stack to bridge the gap between managing a fleet and streamlining company operations.  IntelliShift, an adaptable solution, meets fleet management demand by helping companies achieve current and future business needs through AI-based route optimization technology to drive business growth through customer satisfaction. 

…a parallel goal is to reduce redundancies created by the estimated 160 tech systems companies have in play

Investing in an operations intelligence solution that avails a unified, holistic picture of just-in-time data creates the ability for businesses to optimize their operations, keeping customers engaged at every touchpoint until what they paid for is delivered. When combined within an analytics solution, fleet operations data creates transparency that serves your business and customers positively. 

If improving customer satisfaction is on the agenda this year, gaining a 360-degree advantage is the approach you should take. It’s a business decision your company can’t afford to miss.  

To learn more about achieving 360-degree connected operations with IntelliShifta next-generation fleet and asset operations intelligence platform, schedule a demo. 

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