Route Management

Enhance your mobile workforce’s day and delight customers with real-time route optimization

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route management for fleets

Maximize driver efficiency in the field

Seize the day and get more done with Route Management, IntelliShift’s routing and dispatch software. Spend less time on scheduling, planning, and delivering goods and services by optimizing all the stops on your drivers’ schedules. 

The result? Drivers get there faster, your fleet can take on more billable jobs, and customers are happy.


Why invest in route optimization?

Reducing wear and tear
The best preventative maintenance is to reduce the miles and hours your assets are on the road. Optimized routing means vehicles get to jobs and back faster.
Reducing operator expenses
When drivers are empowered to do their jobs more efficiently, you’ll see lower costs for things like fuel, vehicle service and maintenance, driver salary, overtime, and payroll.
People Adoption
Keeping customers happy
Increased visibility into order status and which jobs are finished/up next means you can more easily communicate planned arrival times with customers and meet their expectations.
Boosting efficiency
Get more done with the vehicles you have — faster and smarter.
Increasing revenue generation
When more billable orders can be fulfilled in a day, you can optimize your existing fleet, pick up more jobs, and expand your fleet.
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Route Management capabilities

Spend less time managing your fleet with features like:

Real-time route status

See how far a driver is through their route for the day.


Route optimization

Re-sequence stops in a more effective order for specific vehicles.


Route dispatch

Plan routes and dispatch them to Garmin devices, eliminating the need for fresh paper logs or orders.


Driver messaging

Communicate with drivers directly via Garmin technology — no in-cab phone use required. Text instructions they can refer to later.


Access to third-party solutions

IntelliShift partner Route4Me lets users plan and dispatch optimized routes in seconds and provides planned vs. actual reporting. The software can optimize an entire department, branch, or fleet.

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Customer Story
Customer Story

Jans Corporation reduces fuel consumption by 50% in first quarter

“We have an alert set that when a vehicle idles for over ten minutes, we can start making phone calls or sending emails out to say, ’Hey, why is your vehicle running this long?u0022

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