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Tranztec Platform is best in class and is the trucking industry’s only standard platform connecting TMS, telematics and transportation services with prebuilt integrations.

What does our integration do?

Tranztec can integrate into many of the major TMS systems and freight management systems

Integrations Tranztec can support:

  • Trimble (TMW Suite, TruckMate, ICC, TL2000)
  • Mcleod
  • 3GTMS
  • AXON
  • Omnitracs (Roadnet)
  • Dispatch Mate
  • MacroPoint
  • Prophesy (by Highjump)
  • Highjump
  • Project 44
  • FourKites
  • Freight Verify


Our partnership with Tranztec automates the flow of data between IntelliShift and miscellaneous Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for miscellaneous purposes.

How do I activate the integration?

TMS integrations are often customized per client. Please contact our sales team at the link below.

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