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Holman/ ARI

Holman leads the vehicle upfitting process for fleet vehicles. With a unique set of complementary services in fleet management, upfitting and equipment, and commercial and retail vehicle sales, we’re always Driving What’s Right.

What does Holman/ARI do?

From fleet management and productivity solutions to upfitting, fabrication, and insurance, Holman has the integrated automotive services expertise to keep your business moving.

How does the integration work?

Note: Connect API is required for this integration

o We push Asset VIN #, Odometer and Engine Hours to Holman once per day at 6 AM ET.

o The integration process for set-up between IntelliShift & Holman may take several business days.

How do customers enable the integration?

o The CS, AM or Support team member should create a Case in Salesforce for the customer.

o Once the integration is set up the CS, AM or Support team member will be notified so they can let the customer the integration is complete on the IntelliShift side.

o Once the integration is set up on the IntelliShift side the customer should contact Holman if there are any issues with the data not available in the Holman system

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