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We make it easy and efficient for mutual customers to leverage IntelliShift engine data and inspections data to manage maintenance in Fleetio.

What does our integration do?

Inspect Issues (Fleetio Issues)

Have your failed inspections sent to Fleetio as an “Issue”.
  • When a IntelliShift user fails a checkpoint item and has that checkpoint set up to create an issue in IntelliShift. IntelliShift will immediately create an issue in the Fleetio system.
  • That issue can then be put into the workflow to be resolved in Fleetio
  • Once the issue is resolved in Fleetio, IntelliShift will close the issue in  IntelliShift and add any comments to the IntelliShift issue made in Fleetio
  • Comments include Date, Time and User that added the comment.


  • Users do not have to manually enter issues into Fleetio when they are created by an IntelliShift inspection failure.
  • When a user closes out an issue created by IntelliShift in Fleetio, they do not have to manually close out the issue in IntelliShift.
  • Users do not have to manually add comments in both Fleetio and IntelliShift when an issue is closed. Comments added to the Fleetio issues will be automatically added to the IntelliShift issue when the issue is closed.

DTCs with MIL (Fleetio Faults)

Have your DTCs with MIL sent to Fleetio as a “Fault”
  • Each mobile group will have parameters to set up when a DTC with MIL should be sent to Fleetio
  • How long in hours the DTC with MIL has been on for (Send to Fleetio aft the MIL light has been on for 2 hours)
  • These DTCs that are known to cause major engine failures will be immediately sent to Fleetio (OBD II- P0218, P0298, P2560, P0455, P0524, P0300, P0120, P0121, P0122, P0123, P0124, P2111, P2135, P0217, P2105, P250F, P070F, P0868, P0869)
  • When a DTC with MIL meets the above parameters, we will send that DTC as a fault to Fleetio.


  • The user will not have to manually enter that DTC (Fleetio fault) into Fleetio.
  • This will allow the customer to have visibility into DTCs that may require maintenance with no manual entry.


  • We push Odometers once per day to Fleetio.


  •  When the customer has accurate meters in Fleetio, they get more accurate service reminders when their vehicle is due for maintenance.
  • Fleetio also uses odometers to show asset utilization

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