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With a unique factory-owned distribution network, comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient, high-performance HVAC systems, and contractor-centric solutions and serviceability in mind, see why leading businesses choose Lennox.

What is the Lennox and IntelliShift Partnership?

Lennox chose IntelliShift as a partner for fleet intelligence because: 

  • IntelliShift’s telematics and AI dash cam products improve customer safety and efficiency
  • IntelliShift’s ability to support telematics for mixed fleets
  • IntelliShift’s telematics support for heavy equipment such as Yellow Iron OEM’s, forklifts, etc.
  • IntelliShift’s Fleet Maintenance product will capture issues, and provide visibility into service tasks, to limit unexpected vehicle downtime.

What Does the Lennox and IntelliShift partnership do for your company?

The partnership allows Lennox customers to extend their fleet intelligence to include Telematics, AI dash cams, Maintenance, Fuel management, and Inspections, all within the one easy to use platform. 

  • BRANDING/REPUTATION– Enhance your company’s reputation by ensuring that your drivers are following speed limits and laws.  
  • SAFETY– IntelliShift includes dash cam options that detect and prevent distracted driving, which means less accidents and injuries for your drivers.  
  • FINANCIAL– Monitor gas usage to prevent fuel theft and utilize monitoring services to avoid forced collision payouts.  
  • PRODUCTIVITY– Reduce the time that your vehicles are idle and ensure that they make it to destinations efficiently. 

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