Fuel Management With Fuel Card Integration

Fuel represents, on average, 60% of a company’s total fleet operating budget.*

*According to Automotive Fleet.

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Reduce fuel spend and change the way you leverage fuel data

Fuel spend is one of the biggest challenges for fleet managers. Our fuel management module integrates your existing IntelliShift instance with fleet fuel cards to monitor consumption and use, allowing your team to make decisions aligned with reducing total operations costs.


Monitor & Report

Receive alerts about excessive fuel purchases and unauthorized use of fleet credit cards as a strategy to dramatically reduce the instances of fraud. Tailored dashboards visualize fuel trends, driver behaviors, and vehicle maintenance issues to pinpoint opportunities for fuel reduction.

Reduce Fuel Spend

Save money at the pump by finding gas stations with the best pricing and prevent fraud from unauthorized fuel purchases that drive up the cost of servicing customers.

Improve Efficiency

Improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing routes, keeping vehicles maintained, and monitoring driver behaviors such as speeding and excessive idling.

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