Connected Assets & GPS Tracking

An easy-to-use, configurable fleet telematics and GPS tracking platform.

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All-in-One Fleet Telematics

Telematics and GPS Tracking with More

GPS tracking with flexible maps and multi-view technology allows an up-to-the-minute view of assets in the field, for better operational decision-making.

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A Whole Suite of Fleet Management Musts:

Fleet Telematics

See Everything with Best-in-Class Fleet Telematics

Receive reliable data from any asset across your fleet, from vehicles and trailers to heavy equipment and generators. SP Telematics unifies all your fleet data in one easy-to-manage solution.

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Maintenance & Vehicle Service

Maintain Your Vehicles & Assets, Not Multiple Platforms

Extend the useful life of vehicles and assets in the same place where you’re tracking them. Solutions include real-time issue detection, preventative digital inspections, maintenance scheduling and tracking.

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Compliance and Inspections

Stay Compliant with ELD and Digital Inspections

Logbook and Inspect provide configurable compliance and inspection forms, checklist and automation, so you and your drivers will be covered across all local, state and federal fleet regulations, and issues will be detected before they cause problems on the road or job site. 

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Fuel Management

Reduce Costs with Fuel Management

Integrate your fuel cards and combine with Telematics data to monitor and optimize speed, idling, and routing to create holistic reporting on your fleet’s fuel usage. Better insight leads to cost reduction and sustainable fleets.

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Better Customer Support

A Fleet Management Partner That Does the Heavy Lifting

Professional Onboarding

We make onboarding easy so you can focus on meeting your business goals. We offer professional installation, make adjustments based on your needs, and ensure proper data configuration for you.

Designated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7. We resolve issues in hours rather than weeks or months so that you’re spending less of your time troubleshooting and more time doing.

Flexible Contracts

Let our conversion specialists construct personalized options for you to exit your current contract without the burden of paying multiple subscriptions.

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GPS Tracking with More Features

Asset Tracking

Track any asset across your fleet, from vehicles and trailers to heavy equipment and generators. SP Telematics gives you the ability to view all your assets in real time, and set alerts based on accelerometergeofencing and diagnostic trouble codes and more. SP unifies all your fleet data in one easy-to-manage solution.

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Driver ID

Driver ID makes it easy to instantly determine who is driving every vehicle in your fleet. Operators leverage RFID key fobs, letting you know instantly if the operator of the vehicle is authorized to do so. Data integrates seamlessly with the IntelliShift platform.

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Accessory Monitoring

Monitor essential accessories such as power take-off (PTO) equipment, doors, lights, sirens, pumps and booms with instant data access—saving time and increasing the daily productivity of your fleet operations. 

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MultiView Visibility

See up to six different real-time views of your fleet simultaneously on the same screen. For added versatility, each screen gives you the option to monitor in satellite view, street view, road map, or hybrid—while also providing the ability to monitor current traffic conditions, as well as geofence parameters that you’ve set.

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Temperature Control

With Temperature Control, you can constantly monitor vehicle temperatures to avoid costly spoilage while also maximizing the productivity of shipping logistics such as merge-in transit.

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