Cable and Telecom Fleet Management
Maximize productivity and profits by integrating vehicles with field services to better manage jobs, safety, and customers
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Addressing cable-telecom fleet challenges

Your customers demand a lot from you. With so many moving parts required for operational success — visibility of your fleet, safety issues, repair and maintenance, and more — it can be a struggle to keep up.
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The cost of fuel is crushing

The cost of fuel is rising, and the time has never been better to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. You need to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing productivity.

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Your reputation is always on the line

Your fleet vehicles are moving billboards for your brand. That means bad driving, accidents, and breakdowns are not only costly safety issues, but can also be extremely damaging to your company’s reputation.

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Vehicle procurement is difficult

Vehicles are increasingly vulnerable to supply chain issues like chip shortages. Under-managed vehicle utilization and maintenance means you need to source expensive — and potentially scarce — field assets more often than necessary.


Take cable and telecom operations management to the next level

Our exhaustive fleet management platform is designed for the fastest time to value and delivers guaranteed ROI. Cable and telecommunications fleet managers will see real results, like faster response times, better productivity, optimized asset usage, and improved safety outcomes.

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Connect vehicles to field service management

Get the right technician with the right equipment to the right job. IntelliShift’s platform integrates field vehicle data with field service applications to provide the visibility and control you need — even when there are last-minute changes and requests.

Leveraging flexible APIs, our powerful operational tool easily integrates with your other systems for real-time, end-to-end asset tracking and management.

Protect your drivers and your reputation

Add AI video safety technology with real-time alerts for in-the-moment driver coaching and accident prevention. Use weighted scorecards to reward good driving and ensure drivers return home safely every day.

IntelliShift safety benefits also extend to exonerating drivers and addressing false claims — protecting your company’s reputation and keeping you a step ahead of your competitors.

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Increase the useful life of your assets

IntelliShift supports you in getting the most out of every field vehicle, avoiding unexpected downtime in the middle of a busy day, and staying on top of preventative maintenance.

Implement automated vehicle inspections and real-time DTC alerts with integrated service ticketing and scheduling to further stretch the lifespan of your assets.

24/7 U.S.-based customer support

From day one, our experienced Customer Success team works with you closely to meet defined business goals that lead to optimal ROI — such as increasing the number of daily jobs without compromising safety. Our knowledgeable U.S.-based support team is available around the clock to help address fleet and field issues as they arise.
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See our cable-telecom solutions in action
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Fleet Maintenance Strategy: How to Keep Your Vehicles in the Field

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Best Practices for Steering Your Drivers Toward Safety

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8 signs you need asset tracking

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