Crush Fleet Operating Costs in 2024: Turning Your Fleet into a Profit Engine
Erin celebrates building the fleet community with 50 episodes and 11K followers on LinkedIn [Podcast]
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IntelliShift Team

Erin Gilchrist, Intellishift’s VP of Fleet Evangelism, has over a decade of battle scars from running a massive national fleet. She knows the deal – it’s all about getting those operating costs in line. Sunil Mathew, IntelliShift’s Director of Solutions Engineering has vast experience collaborating with fleet leaders to harness the power of their tech investments. But where the heck do you start? And how do you convince everyone that your fleet isn’t just a cash-drain, but a cash-cow?

In this no-nonsense webinar, this dynamic duo is dishing out the insider secrets on how to blend analytics, reporting, and tech to make your fleet a lean, mean, profit-pumping machine. Get the lowdown on:

  1. Bulletproofing Safety and Sustainability: Find out why nailing operating costs is a game-changer, not just for your bank account, but for keeping your fleet safe and eco-friendly.
  2. Weapons of Cost Destruction: Get the skinny on the tools you need to cut costs – analytics, reporting, and the latest tech, delivered with zero fluff.
  3. Big Guns: Real stories from top fleets across the nation who’ve turned the tables.

This isn’t theory; these are battle-tested tactics you can steal for your own fleet. 

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