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Episode 12: Drive Savings, Sustainability and Fleet Safety with Liberty Coke’s Gary Williams


On this episode of the ConnectedOps Visionaries podcast, Gary Williams, Manager of Business Transformation and Operational Excellence at Liberty Coke, joins IntelliShift’s John Carione to talk about using data to identify opportunities to streamline operational efficiency.

Gary discusses his recent initiative to reduce idle time across Liberty Coke’s fleet of vehicles. To complete the project, required extensive data analysis to identify the root cause of excessive idle time across vehicle types, and ongoing driver involvement to gain full context, define an effective new process, and gain buy-in. With hundreds of vehicles on the road every day, the initiative has the potential to reduce Liberty Coke’s carbon footprint by 15-20% and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel expense each year.

Listen in and learn how Gary addressed the challenges and uncovered the insight needed to develop and roll out a new process, positively impacting safety, sustainability and fuel savings.

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